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Wailing Souls – They Don’t Know Jah / On the Rocks (1982)

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YouTube: They Don’t Know Jah, On the Rocks

Wailing Souls – Very Well / Very Well Version (1978)

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“Wailing Souls’ ‘Very Well’, all-time epic roots reggae, and as impassioned a song about repatriation as ever sung. This 12-inch reissue replaces the B-side ‘Fire Coal Man’ from the original release with a full extended dub of ‘Very Well’!”
Reggae Fever
YouTube: Very Well / Very Well Version

Wailing Souls – Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live (1978)

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“In 1971, JoJo Hookim and his brother Ernest entered the music business. The siblings had no previous experience in the industry, and thus, it took several years for them to really have any impact. By 1976, however, their roots sound would rule the island. It was the creation of the house band the Revolutionaries that helped the label reach these heights, the band driven by the phenomenal rhythms of drummer Sly Dunbar and bassist Robbie Shakespeare who were now paired regularly for the first time. ‘Jah Jah Give Us Life’ epitomizes the Channel One sound. The arrangement is dense but the sound so clean one can easily distinguish every instrument, from the pretty keyboard flourishes to the sultry bass line, even as the nyahbinghi-flavored percussion patter powerfully underneath. But this is roots with a kick, and instead of the usual hypnotic atmosphere, there’s an up-tempo swing to it all that defines the rockers style. It’s the perfect accompaniment for the Wailing Souls, as they struggle to stay awake to meet the rising sun, so they can offer up their thanks to Jah. Most roots groups deliver up their devotional songs with reverence, but the Souls instead offer theirs with an unquenchable spirit. Life, Jah’s greatest gift, courses through their performance and across the Revolutionaries’ rhythm.”

YouTube: Jah Jah Give Us Life To Live (Extended)

The Wailing Souls – Fire House Rock (1980)

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“Talk about a triple threat: first you have the (by this point well-established and effortlessly professional) Wailing Souls, one of the greatest of the cultural harmony groups; then you have the Roots Radics, the studio band that almost single-handedly defined the new dancehall reggae sound in the early ’80s; and to make everything perfect, you have the unassailable team of producer Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes (who can claim equal status with the Roots Radics as a dancehall pioneer) and engineer Hopeton ‘Scientist’ Brown. The result is 1991’s Firehouse Rock, one of the finest reggae albums of all time; one which combines the Wailing Souls top-notch songwriting and harmony singing with the absolute best in studio accompaniment — there may never be another reggae band with a sound as rock-ribbed as that of the Roots Radics. Each track is a highlight in its own way, but pay particular attention to the title track, the gently rolling ‘Who Lives It,’ and the smoky, apocalyptic ‘Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall’.”

YouTube: Fire House Rock, Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall, Act Of Affection

YouTube: The Wailing Souls-Fire House Rock (Full LP)
0:01 Fire House Rock 4:14 Run Dem Down 7:26 Oh What a Feeling 12:27 Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall 16:32 Act of Affection 19:14 Busnah 23:21 A Fool Will Fall 27:43 Bandits Taking Over 32:28 Who Lives It 36:22 See Baba Joe

Wailing Souls – Bredda Gravalicious (1977)

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YouTube: Bredda Gravalicious / Gravalicious Version