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Mikey Dread – Friend & Money (1978)

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“Although he did record quite a few tracks in the Joe Gibbs studio, Michael Campbell, (1952 – 2008) better known as Mikey Dread, did not release much of his tracks through any of Joe’s imprints. ‘Friend and money’ is the only one I’m aware of, actually. The song was released on 7″ in 1978 on the Errol T label, riding an update of the ‘Money in my pocket’ riddim which is, well to me personally anyway, more interesting than the toast itself. Although not half bad – it is actually pretty good in its own right – ‘Friend and Money’ suffers a bit from the stiff competition put up by other epic Mikey Dread tracks out there. It’s a great catch as a supplement to your existing collection, but it won’t stand out as the best track in there. That said, this Mikey Dread track is still highly enjoyable for its lyrics, the familiar nasal sound of Mikeys voice and the great riddim update that The Professionals laid down for this take. This track was also released on the ‘Original DJ Classics Vol 2 sampler (lp), that was released on the Rocky One imprint in the 1990’s. Being an avid funk fan as much as I am a reggae fan, I can not deny the influence one scene has on another, and on this 7″ right here, things merge beautifuly and splendidly. A sound commonly heard in the late 70’s funk/disco era was the tweaked and flanged-out sound of the Fender Rhodes and that sound, or a hint towards it at least, can also be heard on the flip of this Mikey Dread single. ‘Bubbler in Money’ is nothing short of a pure funk anthem. One that should easily be able to satisfy fans of, for instance, Larry Youngs’ ‘Turn off the lights or the Ohio Players’ ‘Funky Worm.’ This keyboard heavy sound was recorded and utilized more often at the Gibbs studios in the late 70’s and early 80’s, many of which can be found on the ‘Majestic Dub album, which is, sadly, not as majestic as the title suggests. It’s an album worthwhile checking out for some impressive versions that add some to the more common and familiar styles and versions out there. Why they didn’t include ‘Bubbler in Money’ on there shall forever remain a mystery though. It’s the best version in that particular style they got…”
Pressure Beat (Video)
YouTube: Mikey Dread & Dennis Brown – Friend & Money

Rod Taylor – “His Imperial Majesty” / “Sun Moon and Stars” (1978)

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“… After years of requests we are pleased to offer a limited edition of ‘His Imperial Majesty’ by Rod Taylor mixed by King Tubby coupled with ‘Sun Moon and Stars’ recorded by The Roots Radics, mixed by Mervyn Williams at Aquarius. A must for those who love the roots.”
Mikey Dread
Soundcloud: Rod Taylor – His Imperial Majesty Mikey Dread & King Tubby
YouTube: His Imperial Majesty + Mikey Dread & King Tubby, Rod TAYLOR & Joseph COTTON “His Imperial Majesty” (Live), Sun Moon & Stars (Extended) – 10inch / Dread At The Control

Mikey Dread – Dread At The Control Dubwise (1978)

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“Mikey Dread’s solo recordings started in 1976, actually the same year he started to gain notoriety as a young DJ and audio engineer with his four-hour Saturday night ‘Dread At The Controls’ show for the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). Mikey Dread (real name Michael Campbell) cut his first 45s for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and imaginative singles followed for Sonia Pottinger, Joe Gibbs and underrated producer Carlton Patterson. The latter was also instrumental in helping Mikey Dread begin his career as producer, which enabled him to produce some of the freshest sounding records in the late 70s/early 80s, recording himself as a deejay, as well as hard roots singers like Rod Taylor, Edi Fitzroy, Earl 16 and Junior Murvin, to name a few. The dub sides, and version sides like ‘Internal Energy’, ‘Robbers Roost’, ‘Parrot Jungle’ and ‘African Anthem’ made people buying the records also for their dubs, and that hadn’t happened since King Tubby’s heydays with Bunny Lee a couple of years previously. After some thirty years Mikey Dread re-releases his superlative classic 1979 dub set ‘At The Control Dubwise’.”
Reggae Vibes

YouTube: Dub, Master Mantrol, Dread at the mantrols

Mikey Dread – African Anthem (1979)

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“Mikey Dread (born: Michael Campbell) came to the attention of Jamaican music fans with his roots reggae radio program from the late ’70s. Moving beyond his popular island broadcast, Campbell also produced his own rockers-style releases like 1979’s Dread at the Controls (also the name of his radio show). And while this album and a handful more did provide some exposure beyond his radio audience, it was the release of Campbell’s excellent dub titles like African Anthem that would garner a heap of attention, particularly resonating with English punks and groups like the Clash (Campbell would make a sizable contribution to the band’s 1980 album Sandinista). The appeal is not hard to understand since African Anthem features a sophisticated and entertaining program of rock-solid tracks and stunning dub effects (bird and goat noises, police sirens, cuckoo clocks, and all manner of studio-generated sounds); it’s the kind of dizzying mix also heard on Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson’s similarly disposed African Dub All-Mighty titles and on the best work by the Scientist. In fact, Campbell enlists the Scientist for this recording, along with dub giants like King Tubby and Prince Jammy. The disc additionally benefits from plenty of Campbell’s own engaging radio banter and the stellar contributions of reggae studio luminaries like drummer Sly Dunbar, bassist Robbie Shakespeare, guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith, and keyboard player Augustus Pablo, among others. A great dub album, ranking up there with milestones such as Lee Perry’s Blackboard Jungle Dub and King Tubby & Prince Jammy’s Dub Gone 2 Crazy.”

YouTube: Resignation Dub, African map + Bond street corner, Saturday Night Style, Industrial Spy

Earl Sixteen – Mister D.J. 12″ (1981)

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YouTube: Mister D.J. 12″

Aswad – A New Chapter of Dub (1982)

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“The strongest album of Aswad’s CBS period, a powerful roots-and-culture program entitled New Chapter, was followed shortly by what would turn out to be the strongest dub album of several that were produced during the group’s career. A New Chapter of Dub was produced by Aswad in collaboration with the up-and-coming dubmeister Mikey Dread (credited here as Michael [Reuben] Campbell), whose work as a radio DJ had made him a household name among London’s West Indian expatriate population even before he began establishing himself as a top studio producer.”

YouTube: Dub Fire, Ghetto in the sky, Truth, Bammie Blow, Tuffist, Zion I, Shining Dub