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King Tubby & Clancy All Stars – Sound System International Dub (1976)

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“Those with a casual interest in dub may find that this recently discovered album sounds a bit raw — but for aficionados of the genre, it’s a treasure trove. It finds a young King Tubby (who would later become dub’s most famous and celebrated practitioner) flexing his chops and experimenting with techniques that he would later hone to a razor sharpness: the wholesale dropouts with throbbing echo that are in full effect on ‘Joe’; tastefully selected scraps of vocals that float all over the place on ‘Kingston Dub Town’ (a brilliant and strangely tender dub version of the Lord Creator hit ‘Kingston Town’); the reductions of backing tracks down to a dry and spare minimum, only to suddenly flower into echo-drenched blooms of sound — all of these are techniques that Tubby either pioneered or perfected, and it’s fascinating to hear them being applied to these late rocksteady and early reggae classics before he was fully in control of them. …”
YouTube: Sound System International Dub LP 43:04

King Stitt – Coxsone Downbeat Dancehall ‘ 63 Party (1992), Reggae, Fire, Beat (2008)

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“Born Winston Cooper, King Stitt was one of the early DJs on the reggae scene. Spotted by Count Machuki at a dance, Stitt was asked to try his hand at DJing because of his spectacular dance moves. Born with facial disfigurement, Stitt used it as a gimmick, taking advantage of the islanders’ love for Westerns and calling himself the Ugly, after Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Initially, people went to his shows to find out if he really was ugly or not. After a time, he came into his own as a DJ without needing the gimmick, using ideas taken from radio DJs in Miami and New Orleans that came over the broadcasts to Jamaica. He began working with Coxsone Dodd, and then moved on to Clancy Eccles, with whom he produced a number of works that met with success in both Jamaica and the U.K.– ‘Fire Corner,’ ‘Herbman Shuffle,’ and ‘Van Cleef’ (because Lee Van Cleef was the ‘ugly one’ in the movie). Now, he works at Coxsone’s Studio One from time to time.”

YouTube: King Stitt Coxsone Downbeat Dancehall ‘ 63 PARTY – Studio 1 (1 roland alponso – four corners 2 owen gray – on the beach 3 coxsone dodd – the shock 4 coxsone dodd – paradise plum), Reggae, Fire, Beat, King Alpha (The Beginning), Dance Beat 1, Jump For Joy, Soul Language, Herbsman Shuffle, Lick It Back, Lee Van Cleef, On The Street, Vigorton Two, Oh Yeah, Fire Corner, I For I, In The City, Rub A Dub, Sounds Of The 70’s, Christmas Tree, King Of Kings, Queen Omega (The End)

King Stitt – Fire Corner / Herbsman Shuffle (1969)

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YouTube: Fire Corner, Herbsman Shuffle