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The Heptones – Be the one + the road is rough (1972)

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“I’ve already stated my sentiment elsewhere that the almighty Heptones recorded their best material right after leaving Studio One. No longer tied to a studio or a producer the gifted threesome were free to record whatever sound they were after. The result is a sublime songbook; featuring originals, cover songs and do-overs; which is worth, or mandatory I would say, checking out for everyone digging reggae, soul and funk. Despite having laid down many classic tunes, superb basslines and tight riddims over at the foundation studio, I feel the strongest Heptones material was recorded in the early seventies. Because it all just seems to come together in this era. The new studio’s in which they now recorded provided them with a crisp, more modern, edgier and fatter sound. Add to that their unique way of choosing their cover songs; the late, great Barry Llewellyn read the lyrics of the ‘Book of rules‘ somewhere and thought it would make a good song; and their baffling songwriting skills and you have a picture perfect. And just as when they were operating from Brentford Road, the Heptones continued to spawn classic tune after classic tune. ‘Be the one’ is one of those songs. Slightly overlooked, perhaps, due to the big heap of quality Heptones material out there, a first listen will issue a song that fits both in the soul, gospel and reggae corner. The traditional Heptones cookbook, if you will. ‘Be The One’, a song the Heptones first recorded for Studio One (titled ‘Show us the way‘), is an upbeat song driven by a heavy halftimed bassline and a punchy keyboard that delivers an irresistable hook. It’s the same hook that makes it a standout track, as “Be The One Version”, on the infamous Dub Serial lp. On the original 7″ that dub is called ‘The Road is rough’ which is an excerpt from the positive lyrics the Heptones’ wrote for this song. I can’t make out if the song is about young lovers, religion or politics, but I suspect all topics are at hand here. …”
Pressure Beat (Audio)
YouTube: The Heptones – Be the one + the road is rough

The Heptones – Mystery Babylon / Mystery Version (1977)

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“The Heptones are a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal trio most active in the 1960s and early 1970s. They were one of the more significant trios of that era, and played a major role in the gradual transition between ska and rocksteady with their three-part harmonies. Leroy Sibbles, Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn first came together as ‘The Hep Ones’ in 1965 in Kingston but they soon changed their name to ‘The Heptones’. The name was chosen by Morgan after seeing a Heptones Tonic bottle lying in a pile of refuse. The Heptones recorded for major Jamaican record producers at the time. They began their career, after one unsuccessful single for Ken Lack’s ‘K Calnek’ label, under the watchful eye of Coxsone Dodd of Studio One. …”

YouTube: Mystery Babylon / Mystery Version, The Heptones & Ranking King~Mystery Babylon

I’m In the Mood For Love – I Roy & The Heptones (1972)

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YouTube: I’m In the Mood For Love – I Roy & The Heptones