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The Skatalites – Ska Boo-Da-Ba, Vol. 3 (1998)

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“Although they cut many a fine session with superstar producers Clement Dodd and Duke Reid, the Skatalites’ work for relatively unknown knob-twiddler Justin Yap has been especially revered. Why? Well, because the songs have often been very hard to track down and Yap — unlike either Reid or Dodd — gave the legendary ska outfit the time and money to really dig into a set of songs. Those reasons and the fact he allowed ganja smoking in house all made for the ideal recording atmosphere. This West Side roundup of Yap titles proves the point. Resplendent with supple arrangements, fine sound, and a bevy of top-notch solos, Ska Boo-Da-Ba delivers with classic original ska (‘Confucius,’ ‘Ringo Rides’) and singular takes on Duke Ellington’s ‘Caravan’ (‘Ska-Ra-Van’) and ‘In a Mellow Tone’ (‘Surftide Seven’). Topped off with a handful of incredible trombone statements by the late Don Drummond, this 14-track import makes for some rarefied listening.”

YouTube: Ska Boo Da Ba, Confucius, Chinatown, The Reburial, Smiling, Marcus Junior, You can’t sit down (ghost town), Ringo Rides, In a Mellow Tone

Junior Reid – Long Road (1991)

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“… A number of top Jamaican artist have recorded there, and Junior Reid has produced a good number of critically respected albums. From his humble beginnings in the ghetto of Waterhouse to the CEO of a major recording studio and record label, Junior Reid has accomplished a great deal on this short time on earth. With his incisive, almost prophetic lyrics and unstinting support for the ghettoman cause, Junior Reid remains a roots artist of great power. The album ‘Long Road’ comes from 1991, the time when the singer was on the cusp of worldwide breakthrough poised to sign to Madonna’s label and nuff tings a gwaan. ‘Long Road’ contains a number of dance style collaborations with the UK based Coldcut: Stop This Crazy Thing, Actions Speak Louder Than Words and a remake of the hit single he recorded for Joe Gibbs, Babylon Release The Chains. The album is more a dance album rather than a reggae/dancehall set. On ‘Long Road’ Junior incorporates several dance/house/hip hop influences, and we have to say it’s not to our liking, but there is no accounting for tastes, so you’ll have to judge yourself.”
Reggae Vibes

YouTube: Long Road, Shanty Town, World Cry, Stop This Crazy Thing, Banana boat man, Banana Boat Man (koloko riddim), Actions Speak Louder Than Words Remix, Babylon Release The Chain

Judge Winchester – Public Jestering (1974)

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YouTube: Public Jestering

Barrington Levy – Love Your Brother Man: The Early Years (2005)

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“Since acquiring Trojan’s deep catalog, Sanctuary has done a very good to excellent job with the seminal reggae label when it comes to single-artist collections. With vibrant and informative packaging, a crucial track list, and some 12” mixes that are truly stunning, Love Your Brother Man falls into the ‘excellent’ category. Covering Barrington Levy’s early years, what you have here is the blueprint for dancehall singing that held on strong up until the gruff badmen made things much more frantic in the mid-’80s. Levy took the standard roots croon and added a bouncy hiccup to it that emphasizes emotion and allowed singers a totally new, less mannered way to show off their skills. Levy made delivery much more important than pitch control; here, you can listen to how it happened. Slang-filled, feel-good numbers intermingle with righteous spiritual tracks with Levy’s effervescence holding it all together. Familiar riddims from Henry Lawes and Alvin Ranglin fill the disc with one cut from producer Whitfield Henry hinting at Levy’s digital future. Later, a confident and more cultural Levy would have bigger hits than the ones here, but Love Your Brother Man is hungry and anxious Levy. Listening to him change dancehall music is fascinating.”

“This album showcases The Radics at their peak — sparse, dark and aggresive and it showcases Barrington’s distinctive vocal style which was so strong and influential as to go on to influence many up and coming ragga artists a few years later. Scientist, King Tubby’s and Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes are behind these stripped down primal rhythms and conscious vocal styles. It is at the heart of it, a re-issue of Levy’s earlier ‘Bounty Hunter’ album with a few extras thrown in. ‘Collie Weed’ versions Slim Smith’s ‘My Conversation’ with its hypnotic piano hook. ‘Looking My Love’ versions Cocoa T’s excellent ‘Rocking Dolly’ and is chanted over the same Studio One rhythm. ‘Bounty Hunter’ is another high point, with its monolithic linear dub and enigmatic chant about being hunted for over 2,000 years — as Style Scott’s thunderous snares collapse, tense and reform in the echo chamber. This is good music — but Trojan do not dig up any deep vault rarities here, or obscure discomix 12’s here — which is a shame, because there are a number of rarities from Barrington Levy which do need re-issue.”
Reggae Vibes

YouTube: Love Your Brother Man – The Early Years

soundcloud: Love Your Brother Man: The Early Years Mix
01. Shaolin Temple (aka Pretty Looks) (0:00) 02. I’m Not In Love (1:50) 03. Run Come Ya (4:34) 04. Black Heart Man (7:44) 05. Full Understanding (9:50) 06. Wedding Ring (12:04) 07. Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of (12:43) 08. Skylarking (16:31) 09. Love of Jah (21:17) 10. Time is So Hard (24:18) 11. Jah Life (27:17) 12. Looking My Love (30:10) 13. A Yah We Deh (34:35) 14. Ragga Muffin (37:04) 15. Under Mi Sensi (40:45) 16. Jah is With Me (44:57) 17. Many Changes in Life (48:17) 18. Poor Man Style (50:44) 19. Mary Long Tongue (53:47) 20. Lost and Found (56:21) 21. Murderer (58:27) 22. Mind You Hurt My Mom (1:02:00) 23. Now-A-Days (1:02:29) 24. Revelation (1:02:58) 25. Captivity (1:06:32) 26. Collie Weed (1:07:15) 27. Look Youthman (1:08:16) 28. 21 Girls Salute (1:11:14)

Jammys – King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989 Part1 (2011)

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“The ‘Digital Revolution’ occurred in the Jamaican music industry by a single rhythm called ‘Sleng Teng’. The responsible person for the rhythm was King Jammy who was the owner and producer of the Jammys label. The label dominated the scene between year 1985-1989 and released vast numbers of material. Dub Store Records compiles the best of the 80’s heavyweight Dancehall from the Jammys catalogue. The collection consists of ‘Disc One: Vocals & Jeejay’ and ‘Disc Two: Instrumental Dub Version’. Each disc features popular songs and instrumental dub versions on ‘Hevenless’, ‘Love Punanny Bad’ and ‘Far East’ rhythm. They also include rare collector’s tunes like Anthony Johnson’s ‘Dancehall Vibes’ and some of them are first time to appear on CD. This selection is crucial for all Dancehall lovers.”
Zudrangma Records

“… In 1985, with the appearance of Wayne Smith’s ‘Sleng Teng’, Jamaica’s dancehall floor was suddenly thrown into wild and enthusiastic atmosphere. The responsible person to this ‘Sleng Teng’ rhythm was Lloyd James, who is now regarded as the king of Computerized, Digital reggae music for 80’s. He is commonly known as King Jammy and the owner and producer of Jammys label, which is considered as one of the most influential record labels during the 80’s. …”
Reggae Record

YouTube: Jammys – King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989 Part 1

Augustus Pablo – King Selassie I Calling (1996)

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YouTube: King Selassie I Calling
00:00 – 1 – Ways Of The World 04:20 – 4 – H.i.m. Golden Harps 07:55 – 3 – Earth Quaker 12:08 – 4 – King Selassie I Calling 16:35 – 5 – Eastwind 20:07 – 6 – Freedom Dance 23:42 – 7 – Fire People Dub 27:05 – 8 – Seven Winds From Zion 30:46 – 9 – Hippy Hop Babylon Pop 34:11 – 10 – Ska Train 37:53 – 11 – Eternal Dub 41:35 – 12 – Ark Of The Covenant 45:24 – 13 – Foundation Of Life 48:54 – 14 – Crystal Dew Drops 52:23 – 15 – Telepatic Blues 56:06 – 16 – Rainbow In The Dark 59:27 – 17 – Missing Link 1:02:31 – 18 – Home Bound 1:06:13 – 19 – Revolution In Azania 1:09:45 – 20 – Melodies From The Roots 1:12:44 – 21 – Drums For Redemption

Dennis Brown – Westbound Train (1973)

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YouTube: Westbound Train
soundcloud: Westbound Train (Jabberwock remix) unmastered