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Bill Laswell ‎– Roir Dub Sessions (2003)

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“Few American record labels have done more to further the cause of modern dub than New York’s ROIR imprint, which has not only reissued classic dub recordings, but also actively encouraged contemporary artists to reinterpret the tradition according to their own vision. And since bassist and producer Bill Laswell is among the most prolific and original modern exponents of dub, it was inevitable that the two would find their way to each other. Laswell has recorded four albums of progressive dub under his own name for ROIR, and this retrospective collection brings together one track from each of them to make a more-or-less full-length compilation. At just over 46 minutes, the program is a bit skimpy, but it does sell at budget price, and there’s certainly no arguing with the quality of the content. …”

“Beautiful dubby weirdness plumbing the subterranean depths and playing laser tag among the stars. … ‘Dread Iternal’ (’96) is in the classic King Tubby reggae dub tradition, with a spare recurring piano line echoing across of the mix, motivated by Laswell’s towering bass, and augmented by the periodic opening whoosh and closing basso boom of massive doors (Mordor?), denatured guitar noodling, revving of a not yet invented engine, and hints of dark energy.”
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YouTube: Dread Iternal, Ethiopia, Thunupa, Cybotron