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Bob Soul / King Tubby / Billy Hutch

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“At long last, in proper quality and officially licensed, we present a pair of records long worked at, historically important, largely unheard, and most of all, musically brilliant. Above all, the dub mixes on these records are known among connoisseurs as being among a handful which can not only be considered a definitive King Tubby’s style statement, but also among the most radical, transformative and forward thinking mixes ever committed to tape by the King himself. This is proper King Tubby’s music; Tubby the man, not just Tubby’s the studio. These two 12″s represent most of the known cuts of this brilliant rhythm, played by the Wailers’ Barrett brothers, alongside Earl Chinna Smith, Augustus Pablo and Gladdy Anderson, all together truly a rhythmic force to be reckoned with. ‘Message from the Congo’ and ‘God Is Love’ are two vocals cuts produced via the mid 1970’s partnership of Milton ‘Billy Hutch’ Hutchinson and the late Linton ‘Bob Soul’ Williamson. …”
DKR Brooklyn
YouTube: Message From The Congo / King Tubby – Congo Dread Chapter 1, King Tubby and Sampson – Drums Of Love


Ruffy & Tuffy

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“Othis ‘Tuffy Radikal’ Newton is a singer of unique caliber. His special tone and expression are used to bridge culture and roots with dancehall. This mellow singer has a history in Reggae Music Fraternity, being half of the duo Ruffy and Tuffy, twin brothers. Both were born to a Rastafari Empress in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica. His mother named him Otis after the great soul singer Otis Redding. He started his musical journey at the age of seven, singing in Nyabinghi choir, and made his first stage appearance dancing on stage with Bob Marley, and the I-Threes at age 13. Ruffy and Tuffy gained popularity with a song dating back to 1985 called ‘Take One Step’, which was released by Rockers International Label. This was followed by an album titled ‘Climax’ which was released in Europe two years later, consisting of four songs with the version on the flip side. Sales from the album was very encouraging, especially in Europe, and this helped spark another release in 1992 called ‘Harm no One’ and ‘Danger Zone’ produced by Augustus Pablo also on Rockers International Label. …”
Reggae Discography
YouTube: Take One Step + Dub, Harm No One / Augustus Pablo Version, If The 3rd World War Is A Must, The Day After + Version, Climax + Version, Beholld & Behold Dub

Hugh Mundell – Book Of Life + Jah Levi – (Verse 2) + Book Of Dub

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“Hugh Mundell wrote and sang the opening verses of ‘Day of Judgment’ when he was just fourteen years of age. The words hit hard – a one-two punch to capitalism and the vampire of Babylon. The words are especially relevant to the economic conditions the world’s been experiencing for the past six years – an unprecedented recession with little hope of significant recovery on the horizon. It’s the same story we’ve been hearing for more than 75 years in the folk songs of Woodie Guthrie, the soul spirituals of Stevie Wonder, the rootical vibrations of Bob Marley, and yes, the post-roots era reggae songs of Hugh Mundell. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Reggae is at its best when people are suffering the most. The great Rockers stalwart Junior Delgado describes him most appropriately as ‘a blessed singer, a blessed child’ because his gift was pure and true. What came to many Jamaican vocalists through years and years of relentless vocal rehearsal came to this “blessed youth’ like the sunrise that greets every day, almost as if he was divinely ordained to deliver the message. Like those who came before him – Marley, Garvey, Malcolm – this prophet and poet of the black struggle was given little time to deliver his message in this realm, however, he used every second, every minute, every hour of that time to speak directly and unapologetically to the injustices of his world. …”
“GREAT TRIBULATION”: The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell (Video)
YouTube: Hugh Mundell – Book Of Life + Jah Levi – (Verse 2) + Book Of Dub, “My, My” (Pablo International), Augustus Pablo & Hugh Mundell – Africa Dub

Cornell Campbell – I Shall Not Remove: 1975-1980

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“Most Blood & Fire releases should be considered essential purchases for any fan of golden-era reggae, but this one is even better than most. Cornel Campbell is one of the best reggae singers ever recorded — a sweet-toned falsettist with effortless intonation and a cool, assured delivery that is incredibly easy on the ear. The centerpiece of this collection is the three-part ‘Gorgon’ series of singles produced by the legendary Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee, all featuring the ‘flying cymbals’ style of drumming popular at the time. ‘The Gorgon’ having been a huge hit, it was followed quickly by ‘The Gorgon Speaks’ and ‘The Conquering Gorgon,’ all three of which are presented here (the first two in extended versions, the second in its original version and then again in a Rastafarian variation titled ‘Lion of Judah’). Almost equally important, though, are ‘Natty Dread in a Greenwich Town’ (an answer record to Bob Marley’s ‘Natty Dread’) and ‘Dance in a Greenwich Town,’ the latter in a megamix format that incorporates a deejay version by Dr. Alimantado and a dub version mixed by King Tubby. But really, just about every track reaches the same standard — there is not a single weak cut or boring moment on this spectacular album.”

“In a scene blessed with great voices, Cornell Campbell’s distinctive tenor / falsetto is one of the best-loved. Having made classics like ‘Stars’ and ‘Queen Of The Minstrels’ for Coxsone, Cornell went on to become even more successful with hitmaker Bunny Lee in the 1970s. Included in this compilation are hits like ‘Natty Dread In A Greenwich Town’, ‘Bandulu’ and the complete ‘Gorgon’ song series. Deejays Dr Alimantado and the late Ranking Dread also make guest appearances. This collection covers the period when Cornell Campbell was recording under the great Bunny Lee, pioneer of the percussion-driven flying-cymbal sound. Lee Scratch Perry and Augustus Pablo may have been making names for themselves overseas, but this is the sound that was lighting up Kingston dancehalls in the mid-Seventies. Balmy old rhythms reappropriated, revamped and revitalised in true Jamaican style; hi-hats hissing like snakes in Eden; and Campbell’s achingly tender, almost hymnal, voice.”
Blood and Fire

YouTube: I Shall Not Remove, Two Face Rasta, The Gorgon Speaks, Dance In A Greenwich Farm

Rasheda – Shashamane + Augustus Pablo Version (1979)

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“Long-time hard-to-find soundsystem anthem, limited repress – Shashamane I has been a crucial cut in the soundsystem world for some years now, heavily rotated on dubplate and in it’s first pressing. Rasheda has done the right thing, and this tune is now available again (in small numbers though!) including a heavy remix by Dubbing Sun & Digid, with their well-executed ’21st Century mix’, tuned for the power amps and steppers massive.”
Rewind Forward (Video)

“Wicked previously unreleased digikal cut to Rasheda’s roots anthem, cut for Augustus Pablo in the late eighties, on the same riddim as Johnny Osbourne’s – Cool Down Rude Boy.”
Dub Vendor

YouTube: Rasheda – Shashamane + Augustus Pablo Version

Rod Taylor – “His Imperial Majesty” / “Sun Moon and Stars” (1978)

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“… After years of requests we are pleased to offer a limited edition of ‘His Imperial Majesty’ by Rod Taylor mixed by King Tubby coupled with ‘Sun Moon and Stars’ recorded by The Roots Radics, mixed by Mervyn Williams at Aquarius. A must for those who love the roots.”
Mikey Dread
Soundcloud: Rod Taylor – His Imperial Majesty Mikey Dread & King Tubby
YouTube: His Imperial Majesty + Mikey Dread & King Tubby, Rod TAYLOR & Joseph COTTON “His Imperial Majesty” (Live), Sun Moon & Stars (Extended) – 10inch / Dread At The Control

Hugh Mundell Featuring Lacksley Castell – Jah Fire (1980)

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Hugh Mundell - Jah Fire
“Reissue of this excellent Prince Jammy produced combination LP between two youth singers of the day; Hugh Mundell, fresh from his classic work with Augustus Pablo, and cohort Lacksley Castell. Both their young lives were tragically cut short, Mundell in a shooting incident and Castell by natural causes, both in 1983, only two years after this album was originally released. Both singers are featured across a clutch of typical Jammy’s rhythms of the day, two or three originating with Striker Lee, with Mundell’s powerful title track, aka Bottomless Pit, on one of Jammy’s best rhythms, being the standout.”
Dub Vendor
YouTube: Be My Princess Lady, Jah Fire, Walk With Jah, King Of Israel, Million Miles, My Woman Can, You Over There, Black Sheep, Million Dub, King Pablo Dub, Pablo In Moonlight City Dub

Lacksley Castell (1959 – 1983)

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Wikipedia – “Lacksley Castell, sometimes misspelled Laxley, Lacksly, Lasky or Locksley Castel (1959 – 1983) was a Jamaican reggae singer best known for his work in the early 1980s. Lacksley Castell was born in 1959, although some sources claim 1962. Growing up in Kingston‘s Waterhouse district, along with artists such as Black Uhuru and The Travellers, Lacksley recorded in what was known as the ‘Waterhouse style’. Castell became friends with Hugh Mundell who helped both him and his friend Junior Reid to get started in the music business. That resulted in Castell’s first single releases in 1978, ‘Babylon World’ and ‘Love in Your Heart’, recorded with Augustus Pablo. In 1979, he recorded ‘Jah Love Is Sweeter’ at Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry‘s Black Ark Studios, which was a pre-release reggae chart hit in the United Kingdom in August 1979, with ‘What a Great Day’ (produced by Prince Jammy) making the top five of the reggae 12-inch singles chart the same month. …”
YouTube: “Babylon World” and “Babylon Fall (version)”, Love In Your Heart, What a Great Day (& dub), Jah Love Is Sweeter + King Tubby’s Mix, My Collie Tree, African Queen, Unkind To Myself + Dub (NEGUS ROOTS), Jah Is Watching You, Government Man + Sly & Robbie – Dub The Government, Speak Softly, Tug A War Games, Johnny Brown + Version, Jah-Children (& Dub), Mother Mitchell (Far East Riddim), & Gregory Isaacs – Clash 12inch

Dub Chill Out (1996)

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“An 18-cut anthology of reggae dub music that, while certainly not perfectly balanced or comprehensive, does a good job in presenting some outstanding creations of several leading dub progenitors. Although leading dub lights King Tubby, King Jammy, Lee Perry, Sly & Robbie, and Scientist are on board, it might be called King Tubby and friends, as he has eight of the 18 selections, sharing billing on a couple with Augustus Pablo. Scientist, by contrast, only has one cut. More important than even distribution, however, is the quality of the individual tracks, which is pretty high, and very heavy on massive reverb, odd percussion, and special effects, as it should be. Listen to Lee Perry’s ‘Upsetting’ for particularly far-out percussion-echo dueling; King Jammy’s ‘Slow Motion’ has the kind of bass that shreds the speaker, with echo that fades away like snowflakes on a warm day. Sometimes there are vocals, sometimes not; vocals in this context, of course, are just another instrument or sound effect, not the tool for a singer’s expression, as they usually are. It would be nice to have some dates or source documentation for the songs; there’s not even a rough indication of the chronological span of the music on the disc. But it’s a good anthology, especially for listeners who want some, but not a ton, of dub on their shelves.”

YouTube: Dub Chill Out (Full Album)

Augustus Pablo – King Selassie I Calling (1996)

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YouTube: King Selassie I Calling
00:00 – 1 – Ways Of The World 04:20 – 4 – H.i.m. Golden Harps 07:55 – 3 – Earth Quaker 12:08 – 4 – King Selassie I Calling 16:35 – 5 – Eastwind 20:07 – 6 – Freedom Dance 23:42 – 7 – Fire People Dub 27:05 – 8 – Seven Winds From Zion 30:46 – 9 – Hippy Hop Babylon Pop 34:11 – 10 – Ska Train 37:53 – 11 – Eternal Dub 41:35 – 12 – Ark Of The Covenant 45:24 – 13 – Foundation Of Life 48:54 – 14 – Crystal Dew Drops 52:23 – 15 – Telepatic Blues 56:06 – 16 – Rainbow In The Dark 59:27 – 17 – Missing Link 1:02:31 – 18 – Home Bound 1:06:13 – 19 – Revolution In Azania 1:09:45 – 20 – Melodies From The Roots 1:12:44 – 21 – Drums For Redemption