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The Gladiators – Trench Town Mix Up (1978)

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“The Gladiators’ debut full-length, both at home and abroad, Trench Town Mix Up not only met all expectations, but far outstripped them. Although the group was composed of adept musicians, the likes of bassist Lloyd Parks and drummer Sly Dunbar were brought in to assist, adding further gloss to the group’s already-stellar sound. Producer Prince Tony Robinson showcased the trio and their songs to the very best advantage and picked wisely amongst the possible inclusions to create the most sumptuous of sets that really did offer something for everyone. For the international set there were two fine Wailers covers to highlight the similarities between lead singer Albert Griffiths’ vocals and Bob Marley’s own. ‘Soul Rebel’ is, if anything, heavier than the original, while ‘Rude Boy Ska’ is even more militant, yet still awash in gorgeous melody and the trio’s lovely harmonies. …”

YouTube: The Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up
01. Mix Up 03:00 02. Bellyful 05:17 03. Look Is Deceiving 07:47 04. Chatty Chatty Mouth 11:03 05. Soul Rebel 14:58 06. Eli Eli 18:00 07. Hearsay 21:06 08. Rude Boy Ska 23:34 09. Know Yourself Mankind 26:22 10. Thief In The Night 30:01 11. Hello Carol

Rockers Almighty Dub (1979)

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“10 excellent roots rock rhythms given a nice dub treatment, and though we’re selling this record as most shops do, as a King Tubby side, we’d be willing to wager he actually wasn’t around his studio when this was mixed, and certainly wasn’t around Joe Gibbs’ or Bullwackies when the cuts included here from those spots were mixed. Still it’s a great set of rhythms, all with excellent spaced out dub mixes, and burning performances at the hands of Sly & Robbie, Family Man, Bagga Morris, Santa Davis, Augustus Pablo and others. ”
Dusty Groove

YouTube: 01 – Rockers Almighty Dub, 02 – Dunza Dub, 03 – Storm And Lightning, 04 – Something Nice Bout Day, 05 – I And I Land, 06 – Ten Pieces In One, 07 – Freedom Joy Dub, 08 – Upful And Positive Dread, 09 – Hold This Dub, 10 – 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus

Horace Andy – Won’t you come home + Version (1978)

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Horace Andy - Won't You Come Home (label)2
YouTube: Won’t you come home + Version

The Revolutionaries – Reaction In Dub (1978)

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YouTube: Tnt, Reaction Dub, Atom Bomb, Nuclear, Megaton, Peace

“The Revolutionaries (sometimes known as ‘Revolutionaires’) is a Jamaican reggae band. Set up in 1975 as the house band of the Channel One Studios owned by Joseph Hoo Kim, The Revolutionaries with Sly Dunbar on drums and Robbie Shakespeare on bass, created the new ‘rockers’ style that would change the whole Jamaican sound (from roots reggae to rockers, and be imitated in all other productions.”

Lacksley Castell – Babylon World / Babylon Fall Version (1978)

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YouTube: Babylon World /Babylon Fall (version)