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Dennis Brown – Give A Helping Hand b/w Roots Rhythm (1975)

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“… He was a man who loved to sing and Dennis Brown sang and he sang and he sang … it is an inarguable fact that he is responsible for more reggae classics than any other single artist in the history of Jamaican music. He was adored and emulated like no other singer and, for over twenty five years, his standing in the world of reggae was second to none but he was rarely appreciated or acknowledged by the outside world. Anyone who wants to understand reggae music only has to understand Dennis Brown… everyone in the reggae business wanted to emulate the success of Bob Marley but every reggae singer wanted to sound like Dennis Brown and his popularity with the reggae audience should serve as an explanation to what the music is all about and what it means to that audience. He loved his people and they loved him back. …”
Reggae Collector
YouTube: Give A Helping Hand b/w Roots Rhythm

Earl Sixteen – The ‘Peaceful’ Rastaman / Malcolm X (1980)

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“London may no longer be reggae’s capital outside Jamaica – but it has many of Jamaica’s reggae legends living in its midst. One often to be seen enjoying concerts and events by his peers is Earl Daley, better known as the singer Earl Sixteen. A seemingly ageless presence with an unblemished voice, Sixteen has been active since his teens. In the 1970s and early 80s he sang for a procession of crucial Jamaican producers including Joe Gibbs, Herman Chin-Loy, Derrick Harriott, Boris Gardner, Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo, Linval Thompson and Coxsone Dodd. Following his relocation to England in the late 80s he has been no less prolific – happily voicing for global sounds and labels spanning all sub genres of cultural reggae (and pushing past those the boundaries with guest appearances for pop and dance acts like Damon Albarn and Leftfield). …”
United Reggae – Interview: Earl 16 (2014 – Part 1), (Part 2)
YouTube: Earl Sixteen – The ‘Peaceful’ Rastaman, Malcolm X