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Mikey General ‎– Spiritual Revolution (2000)

Posted in Mikey General with tags on October 18, 2013 by 1960s: Days of Rage

“There are very few artists who can evoke the feelings and vibes of being on the shores of Jamaica, but the moment I put ‘Spiritual Revolution’ in my CD player, I was transported to the island. Mikey General, who in the past few years has been traveling and performing with Luciano and the Firehouse Crew, is finally getting his own deserving recognition. His high tenor voice is a welcome change to the prevalent baritone voices that color Reggae music. Not only is his voice unique, but he takes Reggae’s tradition of conscious lyrics and adds his own spin to it. The disc opens with ‘H.I.M. Sons and Daughters’ which is an extremely solid tune. A flute line colors the tone and gives it that distinct island feel. The lyrics tell a traditional Rasta story: Ethiopians overcoming hundreds of years of oppression, dispersed across the world, and uniting under Haile Selassie’s leadership. …”

YouTube: Spiritual Revolution, H.I.M. Sons And Daughters, Red Hot