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Rockers Almighty Dub (1979)

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“10 excellent roots rock rhythms given a nice dub treatment, and though we’re selling this record as most shops do, as a King Tubby side, we’d be willing to wager he actually wasn’t around his studio when this was mixed, and certainly wasn’t around Joe Gibbs’ or Bullwackies when the cuts included here from those spots were mixed. Still it’s a great set of rhythms, all with excellent spaced out dub mixes, and burning performances at the hands of Sly & Robbie, Family Man, Bagga Morris, Santa Davis, Augustus Pablo and others. ”
Dusty Groove

YouTube: 01 – Rockers Almighty Dub, 02 – Dunza Dub, 03 – Storm And Lightning, 04 – Something Nice Bout Day, 05 – I And I Land, 06 – Ten Pieces In One, 07 – Freedom Joy Dub, 08 – Upful And Positive Dread, 09 – Hold This Dub, 10 – 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus

Blackboard Jungle Dub – Lee Perry and the Upsetters (1973)

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“On Blackboard Jungle Dub, Lee Perry and the Upsetters produce another fine example of their subversive brand of dub with a unique blend of murky rhythm tracks, warbling guitar effects and distant-sounding horns. Although it does not quite match the quality of the classic Upsetters album Super Ape, Blackboard nevertheless impresses with both the brevity of ‘strictly’ drum and bass cuts such as ‘Dreamland Dub’ and ‘Kasha Macka Dub,’ and expansive touches like the animated DJ toasting on ‘Cloak A Dagger (Ver. 3).’ Living up to the “Upsetter” moniker, Perry wreaks his inimitable brand of mayhem during ‘Fever Grass Dub’ with a half-baked MC intro, lion roars and air raid siren imitations; effects which blend in well with other eccentric features like the spastic trombone solo on ‘BlackBoard ver. 2’ and reverb-heavy percussion on ‘Cloak a Dagger.’ Just standard technique for Perry really, and part of the sound which made his productions instantly recognizable amongst many ’70s and ’80s dub releases. Blackboard Jungle contains classic dub taken to the outer limits and is one of the highlights of the Lee Perry catalog.”

YouTube: Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 1), Rubba, Rubba Words, Cloak a Dagger (Ver. 3), Dub From Africa, Dreamland Dub, Pop Goes The Dread Dub, Fever Grass Dub, Sin Semilla Kaya Dub, Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 2), Kasha Macka Dub, Setta Iration Dub

YouTube: Blackboard Jungle Dub – The Upsetters, Lee “Scratch” Perry (complete album) 45:44

Horace Martin – Beautiful Dream / Version (1979)

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YouTube: Beautiful Dream, Beautiful Dream version