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Gregory Isaacs – Slum In Dub (1989)

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Gregory Isaacs - Slum In Dub
“Presumably these are rhythm tracks that Gregory Isaacs and his backing band the Revolutionaires used on past recordings. Other than the fact that his name is on the CD, though, Isaacs is almost nowhere to be found on the songs within, save for the snatches of vocals treated with echoes on ‘Tam Tam.’ For those looking for more of Isaacs’ smooth vocals in a dub setting, there are dub versions of his songs ‘Night Nurse’ and ‘Material Man’ on various compilations. That said, this is still a fine dub release. The slightly slicked-up roots sound that Isaacs favored on albums like Night Nurse and More Gregory comes through fully here with Prince Jammy’s fine production and parsimonious use of studio trickery. If you like your dub to have just a lot of reverb sprinkled with a bit of echo, then this is a CD to get. For more elaborate and hazy production values, though, check out dub releases by Scientist and Mad Professor.”

YouTube: Public Eyes; Slum, Reform Institution, Crofs, Tam Tam, Also, Nigger, Leaving, Leggo Beast, Embarrassment.

Mad Professor – Dub Me Crazy: Dub Me Crazy Pt. 1 (1982)

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“On his own small British Label lurks the most sonically (and electronically) creative producer of the age. The Mad Professor’s own albums, while still clearly reggoid, mix in a vision like George Clinton on astrodust and an approach to sampling, synth and so on that makes other electron-maniacs sound like nice little old ladies playing hymns. Macka is a little more conservative, though still pretty ionospheric, what with the synth balafon and Martian belly-drums.”

YouTube: Your rights / my rights, Tumble Down, Ankoko, Zion, Dub service, South African Crossfire, Psychologically Yours

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Black Ark Experyments (1995)

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Drums – Mad Prof/ Nolan Irie. Bass – William the Conqueror/ Nolan Irie. Piano – William the Conqueror/ Nolan Irie. Keyboards – Victor Cross. Guitars – Black Steel. Flute – Kate Holmes. Sax- Michael “Bammie” Rose. Trombone – Rico Rodriguez. Trumpet – Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton. Percussion – Lee Perry/ Mad Prof/ Drumtan.
Strictly Vibes
YouTube: Heads of Government, Super Ape in a Good Shape, Poop Song, Open Door, Black Ark Experryments, Super Ape Inna Jungle, From Heaven above 10″