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Johnny Clarke – Rockers Time Now (1976)

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“One of the crucial albums of the 1970s, Johnny Clarke delivers up a masterpiece in a mere 12 tracks. Produced by Bunny Lee, at the height of his ‘flying cymbals’ work, Rockers Time Now, contrary to its title, doesn’t so much rock as find the perfect lackadaisical groove, and slides along it into nirvana. If the Jamaican term ‘irae’ had a musical personification, Rockers would be it. Clarke’s own laid-back, unruffled delivery dovetails perfectly, and Lee’s equally easygoing house band the Aggrovators were the perfect music complement. Several of the songs are covers that on paper seem to be recipes for disaster, like the Abyssinians’ militant ‘Declaration of Rights.’ But miraculously it works brilliantly, as if the revolution had come without bloodshed, with Babylon brought to ruins by a haze of ganja smoke. That haze swirls around ‘Satta Massa Gana’ as well, conjuring up a dream world Africa, an exquisite paradise far removed from the real world. However, Rockers isn’t all wrapped in mists, ‘Ites Green and Gold’ is actually pretty punchy, while ‘African Roots’ bounces across the grooves, buoyed by the bubbly guitar riffs. Airiest of all is the title track, which almost floats off the record entirely. The rest of the record is rootsier, with just enough simmering guitar slithering through to justify the rockers title. The standout is arguably a cover of the Mighty Diamonds ‘Them Never Love Poor Marcus,’ the most passionate track on the record, although ‘Let’s Give Jah Jah Praise’ runs a very close second. The album remains a contradiction in terms, rockers without the rock, roots without the fire, but Clarke’s silky delivery, and the Aggrovators’ subtle performance had classic written all over it. The Front Line label dropped the singer after the release of this album and Authorized Version, philistines blind to the rare gems in their hands, and time has only increased the value of Rockers Time Now. — Jo-Ann Greene”
YouTube: Rockers Time Now

Everton Dacres – Jah Jah Ah Come (1977)

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“This tune needs little introduction, monster roots from 1977. Everton Dacres, cousin to Barrington Levy and member of the Mighty Multitudes group along with Barrington, cut only a few tunes as a solo artist and this is one of them. Produced by Lloyd ‘Charmers’ Tyrell, issued on his LTD label.”
YouTube: Jah Jah Ah Come

Junior Delgado – Armed Robbery (1978)

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Produced by Dennis Brown.
Mixed by Prince Jammy.
YouTube: Armed Robbery + Dub

King Tubby meets Larry Marshall – I admire you in dub (2000)

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“Larry Marshal, born 1941, St. Anns, Jamaica, had his greatest successes recording for Coxsone Dodd. He worked as an engineer in Coxsone’s studios and was able to voice a string of outstanding singles, sampled on the excellent ‘Presenting Larry Marshall’. In the mid 70s he produced his own album ‘I Admire You’, which enjoyed memorable success. In the 90s HeartBeat re-released the album with added bonus cuts. Although he occasionally releases an album, he’s best remembered for his work in the 70s. … Motion Records has added some fine bonus tracks and I just love the album ! Snatches of Larry Marshall’s voice are included in a lot of dubs. These dubs are largely gimmick-free, placing an emphasis on the tightness and solidity of their musical core; the transforming power of dub’s re-organisation ultimately highlights the weighty expressiveness of the songs’ wordless melody and rhythm. The tracks were actually mixed by several engineers : King Tubby, Philip Smart, Pat Kelly and Professor.  The ‘I Admire Album’ was originally released in small quantities by Larry Marshall in Jamaica and the UK on the Java label in 1975. Some tunes on the album were previously released singles on the Carl Patterson Black And White label, both with dub versions by King Tubby. The album was a collection of finely crafted songs with attentive musical arrangements and superb vocal deliveries – a nicely balanced mixture of ballads and reality songs. Musicians on board include : Lloyd Parks, Family Man, Flabba Holt, Ranchie McLean, Douggie Bryan, Peter Tosh, Chinna Smith, Willie Lindo, Sly Dunbar, Carlton Barrett, Bongo Herman and Bobby Kalphat.”
Reggae Vibes
YouTube: I admire you in dub

Wailing Souls – They Don’t Know Jah / On the Rocks (1982)

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YouTube: They Don’t Know Jah, On the Rocks

Culture & Prince Mohammed – Zion Gate – Forty Leg Dread (1977)

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“Culture updates the Paragons’ classic Studio One rocksteady anthem ‘My satisfaction‘ and turn it into a real roots reggae ‘n rockers tune. The superb ‘Zion Gate’ owes a lot to its blueprint, but both Joseph Hill and Lloyd’s Parks’ Professionals add enough of their own to mold it into something truly unique. So much so, in fact, that the tune inspired a whole series of next cuts, still going on well into the 2000’s, all bearing ‘Zion Gate’ as name for the riddim, rather than ‘My satisfaction.’ …”
Pressure Beat
YouTube: Culture & Prince Mohammed – Zion Gate – Forty Leg Dread, Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Zion Rock

Joy White – Dread Out Deh (1975)

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YouTube: Dread out deh + version