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Aston Barrett – Cobra Style: Lost Productions (1999)

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Aston Family Man Barrett - Cobra Style
“Familyman was Bob Marley’s bass player and linchpin of the original Wailers band. This collection brings together various productions in which he’s been involved, from instrumentals like ‘Eastern Memphis’ and the title track, to vocal tracks by artists like Brimstone (‘Back Web’), Jimmy Riley (‘We’re Gonna Make It’), Senya (‘Children of the Ghetto’) and Maria Anderson (‘Woman in Love’). All these tracks are new to this CD configuration and, as such, are a major contribution to Wailers’ and reggae history. Bonus tracks also include disco remixes of the title track and ‘Well Pleased.'”

“… The drum & bass section – so very important in reggae music – was formed by Aston ‘Familyman’ Barrett and his brother the late Carlton Barrett. Both were responsible for literally thousands of reggae songs and they would have graced many more if they had not spent so many years endlessly touring with the Wailers. So, it’s obvious that ‘Familyman’ is one of the cornerstones of reggae music, emulated by other musicians and vernerated by the Wailers. Aston ‘Familyman’ Barrett’s undisputable skills and talent as musician as well as producer can be captured on the Heartbeat release ‘Cobra Style: Productions From The Wailers’ Musical Director’ and its dub instrumental companion ‘Familyman In Dub’. ‘Cobra Style’ is a fine compilation set of instrumental and vocal tracks from the seventies which have not been available on compact disc before. The opener and title track of this album sets the pace for what turns out to be an interesting document of timeless roots reggae music. …”
Reggae Vibes

YouTube: Cobra Style (Familyman & The Rebel Arms), Back Weh (Brimstone), We’re Gonna Make It (Jimmy Riley), Eastern Memphis (Familyman & The Rebel Arms), Guided Missile (Familyman & The Rebel Arms), Babylon (Brimstone), Elegant Shape (Ashantiwah), Distant Drums (The Wailers Band), Children Of The Ghetto (Senya), My Girl (New Wave & the Rebel Arms), Well Pleased (Familyman & the Rebel Arms, Woman In Love (Maria Anderson & The Wailers Band), Work (Familyman & the Rebel Arms), Natural Woman (Senya), Cobra Style (disco mix), Well Pleased (disco mix)

Aston Barrett – Family Man in Dub
“Family Man in Dub is the instrumental companion to Cobra Style, and features several dub versions from that disc. This collection also features bonus dub tracks from Family Man’s vaults and none of the tracks have been available on CD before. Highlights include ‘Tribute to Y Mas Gan,’ ‘Familyman Skank,’ ‘Rebel Am I,’ ‘Dubbing Naturally,’ ‘Iron Rock,’ ‘E.T. Special,’ and ‘Steepers Rock.’ Another fascinating glimpse into the Wailers’ history.”

YouTube: Cobra Style Dub, Steppers Rock, Familyman Skank, Rebel I Am, E.T. Special, Pleasing Dub, Dubbing Naturally, Dub Combination, Pickney Dub, A Distant Dub, Tribute To Y Mas Gan, Elegant Dub, Iron Rock, Dub Maker