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Adrian Sherwood – Becoming A Cliché / Dub Cliché (2006)

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“Producer Adrian Sherwood has spent the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s exerting an enormous influence on modern pop music, both as head of the avant-garde roots reggae hothouse known as On-U Sound Records and as producer and remixer to forward-thinking pop artists as diverse as Einsturzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Simply Red, and Nine Inch Nails. But it’s taken almost that long for him to finally release an album under his own name. His first solo effort was 2003’s multifariously brilliant Never Trust a Hippy; the follow-up finds him continuing to expand his musical horizons, keeping most of his grooves in an adventurously dubwise but still deeply rootsy reggae-funk vein while promiscuously incorporating any other musical tradition that happens to strike his fancy at the same time. … If you can get your hands on it, spend a little extra for the limited-edition package, which includes a second disc of dub remixes. Essential.”
YouTube: Dub Cliché, Becoming A Cliché (Full Album)

Winston Jarrett – Wise Man / I Shen Galore (1980)

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“Give thanks for re-issue labels like Pressure Sounds. Pressure Sounds began as a subsidiary of Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound label run by Pete Holdsworth but is now the premier re-issue label in the business. So much crucial reggae once lost is now found and we can meditate on tunes like Winston Jarrett’s ‘Wise Man’ (Uhuru) – a tune also known as ‘Rocking Vibration.’ This 10″ re-issue, produced by Roy Cousins, is an absolute killer pairing of two titles originally issued on a 12″ circa 1980. Major steppers riddims with Scientist dubs inna discomix style. While Winston is brilliant a always, it is Scully and Sticky who shine brightest on these tracks punishing the percussion as if they were born to just bless this track. Try to keep up with them on ‘Wise Man’ as they beat the manhead like fucking madmen, as if they were playing for Jah H.I.M. self! Just mind-blowing from start to finish. The most unassuming, under-appreciated yet most-impactful musicians in the history of reggae music.”
Midnight Raver
YouTube: Wise Man, I Shen Galore

Jah Works International – Ruff Cut: The Original & Authentic Sounds of Jah Works (1996)

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“For the last decade Rej Forte and his Jah Works label have been creating and spreading positive vibes from his production base in Barkshire, England. A reggae dub innovator and producer/catalyst, Rej Forte produced Radical Dance Faction (RDF), the Rhythmites, and founded the High-Tech Roots Dynamics group, which went on to become The Revolutionary Dub Warriors (On-U Sound). His production of ‘Universal Spirit Warrior’ by The Dub Crusaders featured African chants, roaring lions, ghostly trains and swooping vampire bats — one of the best new dub albums of the ’90s. ‘Ruff Cut’ features unreleased and/or remixed masters from 1992-1996 – dub plate specials, 10 inch singles, unreleased tracks, versions, instrumentals, new riddims, alternative mixes – producing a really adventurous new alternative dub album.”
YouTube: Jah Works International – Ruff Cut: The Original & Authentic Sounds of Jah Works 1:06:19

Dub Syndicate – North of the River Thames (1984)

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North Of The River Thames 1
“This is one of the more curious entries in the always interesting On-U Sound catalog. Doctor Pablo is Pete Stroud, a British melodica player who fell in love with the ‘Far East’ sound of pioneering melodica virtuoso Augustus Pablo and hooked up with label head Adrian Sherwood and his house band, the Dub Syndicate, to record an album of languid reggae instrumentals in a style closely based on that of his namesake. (Even the album title is a tribute: It’s a parody on the title of Augustus Pablo’s classic album East of the River Nile.) What gives this album an added whimsical twist is the fact that two of the tracks are covers of popular British tunes — there’s an arrangement of the popular TV theme song ‘Man of Mystery’ and a setting of the ‘Dr. Who?’ theme. Others are more simply standard-issue instrumental reggae with featured melodica. the Dub Syndicate plays things a bit more restrained than usual, but its mighty rhythm section is as powerful as always, especially on the album’s standout track, a long and eerie Stroud composition entitled ‘Red Sea’ (which would later be appropriated by Singers & Players as the rhythm for their equally powerful song ‘Moses’). Fans of the On-U label’s signature sound should consider this a strongly recommended purchase, but newcomers may do better starting out with one of the Dub Syndicate albums or one of the compilations in the Pay It All Back series.”

YouTube: Dub Syndicate – North of the River Thames, Man Of Mystery, Dr. Who?, We Like It Hot, Taste Of Honey, Pressurized

Bim Sherman and Jah Woosh – Love Forever/Peace in the Ghetto (1978)

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YouTube: Love Forever/Peace in the Ghetto

Lee “Scratch” Perry / Adrian Sherwood – Dub Setter (2010)

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“Not so much a true dub version but maybe a dub companion album, Dub Setter features remixes, dubs, outtakes, and ‘radical reworks’ with Perry and Sherwood’s Mighty Upsetter album as the source. Make note, these ‘reworks’ are extra ‘radical,’ as in unexpected, even from these two dub mavericks. After two thick and dank dubs that sound like the duo’s 1990 effort From the Secret Laboratory but without all the robotics, Dub Setter dives into the unclassifiable with the slow, soft fusion of ‘Lucky Tarzan,’ a cut featuring plenty of sax, gypsy violins, and a solid reggae bassline. Sherwood’s work with the Asian Dub Foundation is a heavy influence on the tabla-filled ‘Elixir of Life,’ but nothing in either of the duo’s back catalogs sounds like the exotic ‘Taboo,’ which could be passed off as a Jamaican house band recording Salon music for a David Lynch soundtrack. Every clever and outlandish idea is anchored by full-bodied grooves, and when it comes to sonics, this is a warm, dynamic sound field that’s prime for an attentive headphone listen. Highly recommended for the musically adventurous, but Perry fans with expectations should be warned that the album does tip toward Sherwood, and even in Scratch’s wildly varied discography, a slow, sumptuous dub album with tablas and some Euro-nostalgia is still a curveball.”

YouTube: His Master’s Voice, Kingston Tower, Wake up call, Yellow Fever, Pick ‘n’ Mix, Lucky Tarzan

Prince Far I & The Arabs – Message from the King (1978)

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“The gravel-voiced DJ Prince Far I recorded a number of albums for Virgin’s Front Line imprint in the late 1970s, and though bad blood later developed between the artist and the label (as Prince Far I would explain in bitter detail on ‘Virgin,’ a 10″ single recorded for On-U Sound in 1981), those Front Line recordings remain some of his best. When the first set of Front Line reissues hit the U.S. marketplace in the early 1990s, the Prince Far I material was represented by two collections, one of which (Black Man Land) included the entirety of his Livity album and seven of the ten tracks from Message From the King. Now that Message From the King is available separately, fans who snapped up the 1990 compilation will wonder whether those three cuts are sufficient to justify purchase of the original album. For fans, the answer is probably yes — ‘Wisdom,’ ‘Concrete Column,’ and ‘Dry Bone’ are as good as everything else on the program, which is to say very good indeed. For the merely curious, either of the previous compilations will do.”

YouTube: Message from the King, The Dream, Commandment Of Drugs, Moses, Moses, Blackman Land, Foggy Road, Wisdom, Armageddon + Dub

YouTube: Message From the King (1978) Full Album