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Count Ossie – LP Grounation (1994)

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“The triple LP Grounation is generally considered the essential Count Ossie set, but that shouldn’t sway the listener from checking out Tales of Mozambique. They are, after all, very similar recordings. Grounation, as it turns out, was the first session — save for some sporadic field recordings — to really give nyahbinghi drumming a quality recording date. It was the first LP of its kind produced for public consumption aside from, again, releases on labels like Folkways or UNESCO, which do not generally find their way to the Jamaican or U.K. public.”
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YouTube: Going Home To Zion Land, Grounation, Nyahbinghi, Four Hundred Years, Lock, Stock & Barrel / Soon Start Quarrel, Run One Mile, Selam Nna Wadada, Lumba