The Wailing Souls – Fire House Rock (1980)

“Talk about a triple threat: first you have the (by this point well-established and effortlessly professional) Wailing Souls, one of the greatest of the cultural harmony groups; then you have the Roots Radics, the studio band that almost single-handedly defined the new dancehall reggae sound in the early ’80s; and to make everything perfect, you have the unassailable team of producer Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes (who can claim equal status with the Roots Radics as a dancehall pioneer) and engineer Hopeton ‘Scientist’ Brown. The result is 1991’s Firehouse Rock, one of the finest reggae albums of all time; one which combines the Wailing Souls top-notch songwriting and harmony singing with the absolute best in studio accompaniment — there may never be another reggae band with a sound as rock-ribbed as that of the Roots Radics. Each track is a highlight in its own way, but pay particular attention to the title track, the gently rolling ‘Who Lives It,’ and the smoky, apocalyptic ‘Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall’.”

YouTube: Fire House Rock, Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall, Act Of Affection

YouTube: The Wailing Souls-Fire House Rock (Full LP)
0:01 Fire House Rock 4:14 Run Dem Down 7:26 Oh What a Feeling 12:27 Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall 16:32 Act of Affection 19:14 Busnah 23:21 A Fool Will Fall 27:43 Bandits Taking Over 32:28 Who Lives It 36:22 See Baba Joe


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