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Roman Stewart ‎- Rice And Peas, Felion & Rocker’s All Stars – Rice And Peas In The Ghetto (1979)

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“… The same year he moved from Jamaica to New York, where he recorded some songs, dubs and did shows. The latter he was known to do especially when his friends arrived in town most of for free of charge. He continued to visit Jamaica and went on to work with Phil Pratt and Linval Thompson. For the latter he recorded his best known tune, ‘Rice and Peas’, which he recorded in 1979. In all Roman recorded more than 70 singles and two albums by himself and endured a career of more than 30 years. Roman Stewart was a dapper, jocular, and talented singer. He was a most energetic performer who thrilled his audiences with his joyful and uniquely animated reggae singing style he crafted and honed. It was adapted and often imitated by numerous reggae artists, most notably by his friend of many years, international reggae icon, late great Dennis Emanuel Brown, who was acknowledged as the ‘Crown Prince Of Reggae.’ …”
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YouTube: Rice And Peas, Felion & Rocker’s All Stars – Rice And Peas In The Ghetto