Hugh Mundell – Book Of Life + Jah Levi – (Verse 2) + Book Of Dub

“Hugh Mundell wrote and sang the opening verses of ‘Day of Judgment’ when he was just fourteen years of age. The words hit hard – a one-two punch to capitalism and the vampire of Babylon. The words are especially relevant to the economic conditions the world’s been experiencing for the past six years – an unprecedented recession with little hope of significant recovery on the horizon. It’s the same story we’ve been hearing for more than 75 years in the folk songs of Woodie Guthrie, the soul spirituals of Stevie Wonder, the rootical vibrations of Bob Marley, and yes, the post-roots era reggae songs of Hugh Mundell. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Reggae is at its best when people are suffering the most. The great Rockers stalwart Junior Delgado describes him most appropriately as ‘a blessed singer, a blessed child’ because his gift was pure and true. What came to many Jamaican vocalists through years and years of relentless vocal rehearsal came to this “blessed youth’ like the sunrise that greets every day, almost as if he was divinely ordained to deliver the message. Like those who came before him – Marley, Garvey, Malcolm – this prophet and poet of the black struggle was given little time to deliver his message in this realm, however, he used every second, every minute, every hour of that time to speak directly and unapologetically to the injustices of his world. …”
“GREAT TRIBULATION”: The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell (Video)
YouTube: Hugh Mundell – Book Of Life + Jah Levi – (Verse 2) + Book Of Dub, “My, My” (Pablo International), Augustus Pablo & Hugh Mundell – Africa Dub


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