Hugh Mundell ‎- Tell I A Lie / Jah Music (1982)

“… For his next album, Mundell abandons the Rockers sound and vibe altogether, choosing instead to record with producer Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes and the mighty Roots Radics band at Channel One. Junjo Lawes rules the sound system circuit in the early ’80s, with a huge militant sound laid down by the Roots Radics. Lawes and the Radics are on a mission: to take the popular roots reggae sound, speed it up and play it harder. No apologies. Harder. Faster. Stronger. Lawes’ incendiary sound launches a new generation of toasters straight to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, this musical shift is accompanied by a thematic change as well, as the lyrics become less serious, less impactful, and at times border on ridiculous. Many roots artists are not willing, or are not able to adapt to this revolution in sound, however, Mundell is ready, willing, and able. …”
“GREAT TRIBULATION”: The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell
YouTube: Tell I A Lie / Jah Music


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