Winston Jarrett – Wise Man / I Shen Galore (1980)

“Give thanks for re-issue labels like Pressure Sounds. Pressure Sounds began as a subsidiary of Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound label run by Pete Holdsworth but is now the premier re-issue label in the business. So much crucial reggae once lost is now found and we can meditate on tunes like Winston Jarrett’s ‘Wise Man’ (Uhuru) – a tune also known as ‘Rocking Vibration.’ This 10″ re-issue, produced by Roy Cousins, is an absolute killer pairing of two titles originally issued on a 12″ circa 1980. Major steppers riddims with Scientist dubs inna discomix style. While Winston is brilliant a always, it is Scully and Sticky who shine brightest on these tracks punishing the percussion as if they were born to just bless this track. Try to keep up with them on ‘Wise Man’ as they beat the manhead like fucking madmen, as if they were playing for Jah H.I.M. self! Just mind-blowing from start to finish. The most unassuming, under-appreciated yet most-impactful musicians in the history of reggae music.”
Midnight Raver
YouTube: Wise Man, I Shen Galore


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