King Tubby’s – Soundclash Dubplate Style LP

“… After the studio-producer Professor went to the USA to study electronics and computer Peego and Fatman followed and a man named Phantom, who built riddims at Channel One before. The sound they created is – especially from today’s point of view – a completely new dimension of reggae and dub: it’s 100% bone-dry digital music (due to the sound of the machines used for production) but it’s also a pure, hypnotical and new form of dub, a paradox really. It took a while for me to like that special sound, but then the tracks are made to play them loud at sound systems and when I heard ‘SOUNDCLASH DUBPLATE STYLE’, THE classic digital King Tubby-LP, loud it got to me. The bass is extremely powerful and kicking while the drums gain a completely new quality, simply because they all of a sudden were not shuffling anymore but set straight to a beat grid. …”
its coming out of your speaker
YouTube: King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style, King Tubbys – Lick Shot Dub, King Tubby’s – Kill-A-Pan


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