Peter Tosh – Vampire/Dracula (1976)

“Another in the steam of Peter Tosh’s self-produced militant singles from the mid-Seventies, “Vampire” was as haunting as it’s title. Set to a tough rhythm, all snapping cymbals and heart pulsing bass, filled with eerie electro-effects, as dense and ominous as a fog filled night, Tosh takes on the neck biting beast, an allusion to the bloodsuckers of Babylon. Released in Jamaica only in 1976, on the artist’s own Intel Diplo HIM label in 1976, ‘Vampire’ was a masterful, and popular, roots rocker. Eleven years later, Tosh again battled the creature of the night on his No Nuclear War album. Much had changed musically in the interim, and now the artist gives the song a light dancehall sheen. However, the rhythm is just as insistent and militant, the wolf still bays across the intro, but the sweet female backing vocals and lush keyboards takes the chill off. And so, Tosh fights valiantly on, trying to stake this wicked blood sucker once and for all. And while the earlier version was certainly more atmospheric, this time around the vampire hunter definitely had more international appeal.”

YouTube: Vampire/Dracula


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