Studio One Kings (2007)

“This music is instantly recognizable: nectar-sweet falsettos, soaring harmonies, socially conscious lyrics, all backed by a tight stable of top-notch session players. Sound familiar? It could be Motown, obviously, but the descriptions above are equally applicable to what, in many ways, was its equivalent in a lesser-known, much less funded parallel universe: what Detroit was for soul music in the ‘60s, Kingston’s Studio One was for reggae music in the ‘70s. And, to belabor an easy analogy, the Berry Gordy of Studio One was Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd—the owner, producer, and mastermind behind some of the best-loved music of the last century, as well as a treasure trove of forgotten, unknown, and undiscovered material. …”

YouTube: Studio One Kings 1:02:00
01-Larry Marshall – I’ve got to make it 00:00- 02-Horace Andy – every tongue shall tell 02:53 03-Alton Ellis – well run dry 05:15 04-Johnny Osbourne – water more than flour 07:48 05-Anthony Rocky Ellis – I am the ruler 13:59 06-Cornell Campbell – pretty looks isnt all 16:16 07-Alexander Henry – please be true 18:47 08-Burning Spear – them a come 21:28 09-Joe Higgs – change of plan 24:40 10-Devon Russell – roots natty 26:49 11-Ken Boothe – be yourself 29:48 12-Freddie Mc Gregor – I shall be released 32:07 13-Freddie Mc Kay – father will cut you off 42:12 14-The Ethiopian – locust 45:01 15-George Philips – one one 49:17 16-John Holt – I dont want to see you cry 52:21 17-Delroy Wilson – wont you come home 55:08


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