Jacob Miller ‎– Mixed Up Moods (1979)

Jacob Miller - Mixed Up Moods (Cd)
“Jacob Miller (May 4, 1952 – March 23, 1980) was a Jamaican reggae artist, who first recorded with Clement Dodd. While pursuing a prolific solo career, he became the lead singer for reggae group Inner Circle with whom he recorded until his death in a car accident at the age of 27. Jacob Miller was known as one of Jamaica’s most distinctive vocal stylists, with a trademark vibrato he used to accent his performance. He was born in Mandeville, Jamaica to Joan Ashman and Desmond Elliot. At the age of eight he moved to Kingston, Jamaica where he grew up with his maternal grandparents. In Kingston, Miller began spending time at popular studios including Clement Dodd’s Studio One. He recorded three songs for Dodd, including “Love is a Message” in 1968, which the Swaby brothers, (Horace, later called Augustus Pablo, and Garth) played at their Rockers Sound System. While the song did not garner much success nor maintain Dodd’s attention in Miller, it resulted in Pablo’s sustained interest in Miller. …’

YouTube: Mixed Up Moods 57:18
00:00 – Mix Up Moods 04:20 – Mr. R Officer 08:18 – Jolly Joseph 12:36 – Come Seek Jah 17:39 – Take a Lift 21:37 – Chapter a Day 28:48 – Mix Up Moods [2nd Version] 34:18 – Once Upon a Time 38:26 – Is It War 41:51 – Election Now 45:28 – Olympic Boycott 49:40 – Russian Invasion 53:51 – Hostage 50

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