Pablo Moses – We Should Be In Angola (1976)

“After a long and bloody struggle, in 1975 Angola finally wrested its independence from its colonial master, Portugal. Unfortunately, nationhood did not mean the end of the struggle, for South African forces promptly invaded the country in the months before independence, fanning the flames of civil war. Providing men, arms, and training to the puppet UNITA faction, South Africa (with the able assistance of the U.S.) kept the war raging for decades. Which explains why Pablo Moses was proclaiming ‘We Should Be in Angola.’ With agile reasoning, the singer explains that Jamaicans should stop fighting each other, and instead join the MPLA in driving out the South African intruders. Moses delivered his unusual unity theme wrapped in a revolutionary message with suitable insistence, with strong harmony support from Don Prendes and Val Bailey. The musical backing is irrepressible, its solid roots rockers rhythm and bouncy organ wrapping the entire arrangement in an upbeat atmosphere. Expertly produced by Geoffrey Chung, this was yet another hit for the rising roots star.”

YouTube: 7” Pablo Moses – We Should Be In Angola (& Dub)


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