Pablo Moses – I Man a Grasshopper (1975)

I Man A Grasshopper - A
“It was with this quite astonishing single that Pablo Moses was introduced to the roots reggae world in 1975. Moses penned ‘I Man a Grasshopper’ in response to a real-life incident, when his mother’s lodger informed the police that Moses was smoking marijuana. Moses was particularly incensed because he had deliberately steered clear of the renter, and hypocritically enough, the lodger loved his drink even more than Moses enjoyed his ganja. That fact was reflected in Moses’ lyric ‘That man loves sea and fish bowl,’ an intriguing metaphor for a drunkard. It was several years before the song was actually recorded, when it finally came to the attention of producer Geoffrey Chung, whose guitarist brother Mikey was good friends with Moses. At that point, the producer took the singer straight to the Black Ark studio, with Mikey in tow, and Mike Murray of the In Crowd tossed out the sensational rock guitar leads that sear the backing. The riddim, which also featured Clive Hunt on bass and Robby Lynn on organ, was one of the first true rock-reggae hybrids, an incredible number virtually unique in sound. Released in 1975, ‘Grasshopper’ shredded the Jamaican chart, then hopped off to ravage the reggae scenes abroad. One of the most awesome debuts in Jamaican history.”

YouTube: I Man A Grass Hopper / Part II (Custom Disco)


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