The Skatalites – Ska Boo-Da-Ba, Vol. 3 (1998)

“Although they cut many a fine session with superstar producers Clement Dodd and Duke Reid, the Skatalites’ work for relatively unknown knob-twiddler Justin Yap has been especially revered. Why? Well, because the songs have often been very hard to track down and Yap — unlike either Reid or Dodd — gave the legendary ska outfit the time and money to really dig into a set of songs. Those reasons and the fact he allowed ganja smoking in house all made for the ideal recording atmosphere. This West Side roundup of Yap titles proves the point. Resplendent with supple arrangements, fine sound, and a bevy of top-notch solos, Ska Boo-Da-Ba delivers with classic original ska (‘Confucius,’ ‘Ringo Rides’) and singular takes on Duke Ellington’s ‘Caravan’ (‘Ska-Ra-Van’) and ‘In a Mellow Tone’ (‘Surftide Seven’). Topped off with a handful of incredible trombone statements by the late Don Drummond, this 14-track import makes for some rarefied listening.”

YouTube: Ska Boo Da Ba, Confucius, Chinatown, The Reburial, Smiling, Marcus Junior, You can’t sit down (ghost town), Ringo Rides, In a Mellow Tone

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