Jammys – King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989 Part1 (2011)

“The ‘Digital Revolution’ occurred in the Jamaican music industry by a single rhythm called ‘Sleng Teng’. The responsible person for the rhythm was King Jammy who was the owner and producer of the Jammys label. The label dominated the scene between year 1985-1989 and released vast numbers of material. Dub Store Records compiles the best of the 80’s heavyweight Dancehall from the Jammys catalogue. The collection consists of ‘Disc One: Vocals & Jeejay’ and ‘Disc Two: Instrumental Dub Version’. Each disc features popular songs and instrumental dub versions on ‘Hevenless’, ‘Love Punanny Bad’ and ‘Far East’ rhythm. They also include rare collector’s tunes like Anthony Johnson’s ‘Dancehall Vibes’ and some of them are first time to appear on CD. This selection is crucial for all Dancehall lovers.”
Zudrangma Records

“… In 1985, with the appearance of Wayne Smith’s ‘Sleng Teng’, Jamaica’s dancehall floor was suddenly thrown into wild and enthusiastic atmosphere. The responsible person to this ‘Sleng Teng’ rhythm was Lloyd James, who is now regarded as the king of Computerized, Digital reggae music for 80’s. He is commonly known as King Jammy and the owner and producer of Jammys label, which is considered as one of the most influential record labels during the 80’s. …”
Reggae Record

YouTube: Jammys – King Jammys Dancehall 1985-1989 Part 1


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