Mikey Dread – Dread At The Control Dubwise (1978)

“Mikey Dread’s solo recordings started in 1976, actually the same year he started to gain notoriety as a young DJ and audio engineer with his four-hour Saturday night ‘Dread At The Controls’ show for the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC). Mikey Dread (real name Michael Campbell) cut his first 45s for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and imaginative singles followed for Sonia Pottinger, Joe Gibbs and underrated producer Carlton Patterson. The latter was also instrumental in helping Mikey Dread begin his career as producer, which enabled him to produce some of the freshest sounding records in the late 70s/early 80s, recording himself as a deejay, as well as hard roots singers like Rod Taylor, Edi Fitzroy, Earl 16 and Junior Murvin, to name a few. The dub sides, and version sides like ‘Internal Energy’, ‘Robbers Roost’, ‘Parrot Jungle’ and ‘African Anthem’ made people buying the records also for their dubs, and that hadn’t happened since King Tubby’s heydays with Bunny Lee a couple of years previously. After some thirty years Mikey Dread re-releases his superlative classic 1979 dub set ‘At The Control Dubwise’.”
Reggae Vibes

YouTube: Dub, Master Mantrol, Dread at the mantrols


One Response to “Mikey Dread – Dread At The Control Dubwise (1978)”

  1. I was enjoying your blog; however when I came to Mikey Dread, it appears the larger body of his work has been omitted from the: specifically, World War III and Pave the Way, and his work with the Clash. You might mention that to reggae vibes.

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