The Melodians – Swing and Dine (1992)

“Rather than the customary single lead contrasted by twin harmonies, The Melodians divided lead duties between Tony Brevette and Brent Dowe, with Trevor McNaughton harmonizing with the singer who wasn’t featured on a particular track. This outstanding 16-track collection includes their biggest hits for Treasure Isle. The threesome glided along atop skipping, light rhythms provided by such bands as the Gaytones, Lyn Taitt and the Jets, the Soul Syndicate, and Tommy McCook and the Supersonics. The Melodians primarily did poignant love tunes, although they could also handle evangelical or political material. The set features such classics as ‘Little Nut Tree,’ ‘Hey Girl,’ ‘You Don’t Need Me,’ and ‘Love Is A Doggone Good Thing.’ It’s also thoroughly annotated and superbly mastered.”

YouTube: Swing and Dine, I’ll Get Along Without You, Hey Girl, Come on little girl come on, A Little Nut Tree, I’ll Take You Where the Music’s Playing, No, No Lola (Take Two), Daphne Walking

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