Slim Smith – Early Days (1975)

“Slim Smith (born Keith Smith, 1948, Kingston, Jamaica, died 1973) was a ska, rocksteady and reggae singer. In their book Reggae: The Rough Guide (1997), Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton described Smith as ‘the greatest vocalist to emerge in the rocksteady era’. Smith first came to prominence as a member of the Victors Youth Band, who were highly praised at the 1964 Jamaican Festival. He subsequently became a founding member and lead vocalist of The Techniques, who recorded primarily with Duke Reid for his Treasure Isle label. In 1964 they recorded several songs for Byron Lee, two of which, ‘Don’t Do It’ and ‘No One’, were included on the The Real Jamaica Ska LP released by Epic Records and co-produced by Curtis Mayfield. …”

YouTube: Give me some more, Build My World Around You, Let me go girl, My Woman’s Love, Love And Affection, Watch This Sound, Out Of Love, If It Don´t Work Out, Please Don’t Go

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