Horace Andy – Slave Drive (1975)

“Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Although Horace Andy did record in the Gibbs’ studio every now and then, not much of the result ended up on any of the studio’s imprints. The great foundation singer’s releases on Gibbs are few and far between, but definitely worth checking out. If anything, Slave Drive(r) is ample proof of that. After the fierce countdown, Slave Drive immediately bursts into a mean, driving and well heavy roots version of Alton Ellis’ Rocksteady. Obviously, Horace Andy’s singing is sublime and perfectly balances out the backingtrack’s harshness. A track, by the way, that stands out through its use of the ‘flying cymbals’ style. This way of drumming, with the emphasis on the open hi-hat, was invented by fellow producer Bunny Lee in 1974. Although ‘invented’ may be an exaggeration, as Striker was clearly influenced by the US Philly disco sound and thought it would fit well in his Aggrovators sound too. And indeed it did, as the new style would rapidly become the new craze and everybody started copying it. Horace Andy sang quite a few flying cymbal driven (hit)songs for Bunny Lee, so perhaps that’s why Gibbs decided to go for this approach on Slave Drive as well. It sounds familiar and clearly it works, but he didn’t revisit it much thereafter. …”
Pressure Beat

YouTube: Slave Drive, Slave Drive + Dub


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