Welton Irie / Sylford Walker – Ghettoman Corner (1979)

“Welton Irie nices up the ‘Ghettoman Corner’ on the title track to his 1979 Glen Brown produced and King Tubby mixed album. Recouping once again the money he laid out for Lloyd Parks’ seminal ‘Slaving’ single, for the title track Brown oversees yet another fabulous cut on the riddim. There again, ‘Slaving’ was good enough to support them all, with this version remixed by King Tubby in steppers style. Obviously thrilled with the result, Irie lets loose with a superb stream of consciousness toast that’s as propulsive as the riddim itself. Bouncing from cultural themes to the religious realm, Irie bustles about, pumping up the excitement, even when he inexplicably tosses in a counting song that sends ever more men to mow a meadow. ‘Corner’ was a DJ spectacular, inevitably entitling the DJ’s 1979 Brown produced album.”

YouTube: Ghettoman Corner, Black Man Get Up Tan Up Pon Foot (Give Jah The Glory) b/w King Tubby’s – Version, Sylford Walker-Chant Down Babylon, Welton Irie-Ghettoman Corner, I Roy-Black Man Time, Money Man Skank, Mr Irie, Greetings, Give Jah The Glory


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