Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu (1975)

“Dillinger was back, and was ‘introducing to you the modern techniques of self-defense called kung fu fighting.’ Of course, Bruce Lee had already set the stage by familiarizing Jamaicans with the sharp chops and slashing kicks of the art, while the success of Carl Douglas’s ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, which topped the American charts this same year, insured his compatriots would battle to equal his feat. For in 1974, everyone indeed was kung fu fighting, however Dillinger gives it a dread twist here, as Natty’s lightning kicks brings Babylon to its knees. The DJ’s punchy toast meanders off in some surprising directions, including a recitation of “roses are red, violets are blue..,” but he’s having so much fun, that his mood is infectious. It helps that producer Coxsone Dodd provided the DJ with a particularly perky rhythm, Roy Richards’ ‘Freedom Blues’, and its racing beats and surging riffs perfectly compliment Dillinger’s own energetic delivery. Although ‘Natty Kung Fu’ would not defeat the US charts, it did kick its way into Jamaican hearts and the British underground.”

YouTube: Natty Kung Fu

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