Black Slavery Days (1975)

“The album ‘Black Slavery Days: The Sound of Saint Anns,’ originally produced by Jack Ruby in 1975 and subsequently released on Lister Hewan-Lowe’s Clappers label (recently re-issued by Honest Jons) is one of those records that collectors are always looking for. The album, recorded entirely in St, Anns (birthplace of both Winston Rodney and Bob Marley) includes black empowerment anthems inna roots reggae style by the Skulls, The Mercenarys, The Arrows, Original Survivors, with riddims provided by The Clappers All-Stars. Clappers is well-known for releasing only the rarest, most underground, most sought after records around. To my knowledge, they have only released <10 albums in more than 30 years, including Yabby You’s African Queen (many thanks to Randall Grass at Shanachie for that nugget). I have previously shared another Clappers classic, 1975′s ‘Jack Ruby Hi-Fi.‘ …"
Midnight Raver
MixCloud (Video)

YouTube: 12” Black Skull – A Black Slavery Day, 12” Black Skull – A Black Slavery Day (dub), The Messiah [ Two Can ], (The Clappers) Skulls – Third World, (The Clappers) T.S.O.S.A. – Theme For Ras’G


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