King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style (1988)

“By the early eighties dub was no longer perceived as a cutting edge music and its innovations had long been assimilated into the musical mainstream. Tubby realised that the days of his now classical production techniques were over and decided to take a new step: in 1985 he build a new studio in the heart of the Kingston ghetto,the Waterhouse District. During the run up to elections gunshots would echo throughout the neighbourhood with such alarming frequency that the area was renamed FIREHOUSE by its local residents. The new studio there was then equipped with lots of new technology like a bigger mixing desk – and digital synths and drum machines. After the studio-producer Professor went to the USA to study electronics and computer Peego and Fatman followed and a man named Phantom, who built riddims at Channel One before. The sound they created is – especially from today’s point of view – a completely new dimension of reggae and dub: it’s 100% bone-dry digital music (due to the sound of the machines used for production) but it’s also a pure, hypnotical and new form of dub, a paradox really. It took a while for me to like that special sound, but then the tracks are made to play them loud at sound systems and when I heard ‘SOUNDCLASH DUBPLATE STYLE’, THE classic digital King Tubby-LP, loud it got to me.”
Its coming out of your speaker

YouTube: King Tubbys Presents Soundclash Dubplate Style
0:00 King Everald – Kill Ole Pan Sound 3:23 Johnny Osbourne – Line Up / road block 7:30 Trevor Levy – Nah Run From No Clash 11:45 Banana Man – Take A Lick 15:30 Michael Batis – Die You Die 19:17 Gregory Isaacs – The Ruler 23:13 Little John – Fade Away 27:17 SM – Play Me 31:50 Conroy Smith – Original Sound 35:50 Pad Anthony – Charge Dem


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