Dennis Brown – Wolves and Leopards (1977)

Dennis Brown - Wolf and Leopards (1977)
“Although Dennis Brown released over a hundred albums during his career, Wolf & Leopards, which appeared in 1977, might be the most significant for a couple of different reasons, even though it was essentially a collection of singles. It was the first LP from Brown to feature the singer as a full-fledged Rastaman, and the songs show a strong commitment to cultural themes. It also introduced to the world his signature song, ‘Here I Come’ (aka ‘Love and Hate’), as well as the title tune, ‘Wolf & Leopards,’ which is rumored to have been mixed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at his Black Ark studio. Several of the tracks were produced by Niney, with the rest produced by Brown himself with help from singer Castro Brown, but even with its sort of little bit here, little bit there haphazard makeup, Wolf & Leopards functions as a fully integrated and coherent album sequence. It might not be Brown’s best album, and it might not even contain his best singles, but Wolf & Leopards was a watermark release for the singer, signaling a shift to political and cultural matters, and his work as a mature, fully developed artist begins with this release.”

Wolf and Leopards (later issued as Wolves and Leopards) is a 1977 reggae album by Dennis Brown. Recorded between 1976 and 1977 and released on Brown’s own DEB label in the UK and on the Weed Beat label in Jamaica, the album comprises ten tracks originally released on singles that concentrate on cultural themes and mark the transformation of Brown from child star to full-fledged Rastaman.”

YouTube: Wolves and Leopards, So Jah Say & Wolves And Leopards (Live), WOLF & LEOPARDS (TROJAN) EXTENDED MIX, Here I Come [Live], Party Time


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