Clive Chin

“If you would make an attempt at telling the story in some format of Jamaican music in its initial stage, you wouldn’t pass without mentioning a place called Randy’s; founded by a local entrepreneur named Vincent Chin, Randy’s was a studio, a distribution outfit and a popular record store situated at North Parade in Kingston, simply THE center of musical creativity in the music’s most vital period from the late sixties to the mid seventies. It was here Lee Perry recorded the famous ‘Soul Rebels’ and ‘Soul Revolution’ albums by The Wailers in 1969 and ’70, it was here Bunny Lee recorded a lot of his early hits, and it was here Augustus Pablo rose to fame with what was voted ‘Top Instrumental of 1971’ with ‘Java’, an undisputed classic in these times. This particular track was produced by the eldest son of Vincent, Clive Chin, who was also a close friend of Pablo and a schoolmate from the sixties. Later Clive produced Pablo’s first album, titled ‘This Is Augustus Pablo’, arguably the most rated of the late melodica master’s classic catalog of albums, even more so than the monumental ‘King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown’ in some quarters. It was also at Randy’s the late engineer Errol ‘Errol T’ Thompson was to become the highly regarded ‘master of sound’ he is looked upon today, although his stint at – and partnership with – Joe Gibbs produced some of the all-time classics of the so called ‘rockers’ era, the ‘African Dub’ series quickly springs to mind of those for example”
Interview with Clive Chin

YouTube: Clive Chin: Dub, Reggae, Ska – ‘The Lost Archives of 17 North Parade Pt 1 – From Kingston to Queens’ , Pt 2 – Queens To The Kenne, Pt 3 – Classic Jamaican Reggae + Dub Recovered!

Java Java Java Java (1972)
“For the first time on CD, the 1972 master work and one of the defining statements of Dub reggae, 17 North Parade presents ‘Java Java Java Java’. Recorded and produced in 1972 by Clive Chin at studio 17, located above the legendary Randy’s Records in kingston, Jamaica. ‘Java Dub’ was a ground breaking album of instrumental versions of contemporary hits, spiced with studio effects and featuring the smash hit ‘Java Dub’ the breakthrough track for reggae legend Augutus Pablo. Credited as the first Dub album released in Jamaica (originally a press of 500 units), Java Dub would influence generations of producers in reggae, disco, jungle and of course, dub. Credited simply as ‘Impact All Stars’ (for Chin’s Impact label), the cast of musicians includes Pablo, Tyrone Downie, Fully Fullwood, Lloyd Parks, ‘Chinna’ Smith, ‘Family Man’ Barrettt, Tommy McCook and producer Clive Chin.”
Java Java Java Java (Dub) / Impact All Stars (Video)

YouTube: Impact Allstars – Cheating Dub, Jam-rock reggae, Java Java Java Java (Instrumentals, Dubwise & Versions)


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