Pearnel Charles – Turn Dem Back (1973)

“This is the seventh in a series recounting close encounters with death by Jamaicans, some of them in prominent positions of society. Many Jamaicans over a certain age will remember Pearnel Charles spending 283 days in detention during the infamous State of Emergency of 1976. However, the affable veteran politician and trade unionist’s experience in a Jamaican jail pales in comparison to his close shaves with death during the 75 years and seven months he has spent on Earth.  …”
When Pearnel Charles shot a man to save himself

“Cultural theorist Donna Hope has asserted that dancehall and dancehall culture are squarely apolitical and anti-establishment in their focus and essence. Scholars such as Carolyn Cooper have also argued that the violence in dancehall falls in the realm of metaphor and role-play and that the literal interpretations of these lyrics are inclinations to ‘criminalise the idiom and demonise the culture’. …”
Dancehall Political Patronage and Gun Violence Political Affiliations and Glorification of Gun Culture

“In the last election Prime Minister X went to Ethiopia and met with the King of Kings and had a conversation with him. He came back to Jamaica and showed the people a Rod, which he said was given to him by the King, Haile Selassie the First, to bring freedom to the Black People of Jamaica. He carried that Rod all around during the campaign. The Rastafarians heard this; the Dreadlocks heard this; and this rod caused him to win a landslide victory for the Party. …”
Jamaican Politics, Reggae and Rastafarianism in the 1970’s

Reggae Collector – Turn Dem Back


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