Culture in Dub: 15 Dub Shots (1994)

“Dub, by its very nature, downplays the importance of the vocalist, instead focusing attention on the producer, who remixes instrumental tracks by adding layers of reverb, echo, chorus, flange, and other psychedelic effects to make the music sound like reggae beamed in from the vast expanses of outer space. But Culture has always been best-known for their harmony-filled roots reggae anthems, and any album that finds their great vocals buried is bound to suffer. That said, Culture in Dub: 15 Dub Shots does highlight the trancelike properties inherent in their music, and spacious grooves courtesy of reggae legends Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare make the album well worth a listen.”

YouTube: Mosiah Rockers, Apply Within, Hola Mt Zion, Dub Weeping, Dub Shine Bright


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