Dennis Brown – Brown Sugar (1986)

“No Dennis Brown disc is ever completely worthless, but some are sure a lot better than others. This one is perilously close to forgettable, mainly because there are only seven cuts (clocking in at just over 33 minutes) and Brown often coasts along, letting his great voice recite the melody and conclude the song with little effort. When he chooses to extend himself, as on ‘Can’t Keep A Good Man Down’ or ‘All Over The World,’ you hear the vocal flourishes, soulful ardor, and skill that have stamped him a reggae legend. Otherwise, you get nicely crafted, pro forma performances.”

YouTube: Revolution pt 1, Have You Ever Been In Love, Hold On To What You’ve Got, Sitting And Watching – 12inch / Taxi, Revolution Part 2, Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, All Over The World


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