King Tubby’s In Fine Style 1972 – 1977

“While there’s certainly no shortage of King Tubby compilations out there, it’s often a straining venture to find the best ones. Tubby churned out so much music during the mid-’70s (with the help of co-engineers Phillip Smart, Pat Kelly, and Lloyd ‘Prince Jammy’ James, of course) that throughout the ’90s innumerable fly-by-night labels were able to assemble cheap comps of cut-rate recordings. These sorts of hodgepodges are fine for all the Tubby collectors around the world, but for the more casual or particular listener, those mostly questionable collections are best avoided. …”

“Since acquiring the label in 2001, Sanctuary have mined the rich seam of the Trojan back catalogue. The lively reissue schedule continues apace with a round-up of King Tubby’s mid-seventies dub remixes, many of which have never been released outside Jamaica. Given Tubby’s prodigious output any retrospectives claim to be definitive is a bit dubious, but these tracks most deifintely come from the golden period of dub. This collection features a host of greats including Augustus Pablo, Dillinger and Lee Perry’s The Upsetters. Tubby’s story is remarkable and mirrors that of an extraordinary period in reggae music. From hi-fi repairman to dub pioneer, he tinkered and reconfigured his equipment and, in so doing, redefined the role of engineer-producer. His trademark touches are everywhere – these tracks zoom in and out of focus, as skittering hi-hats and loping bass-lines are picked out of a fug of reverb. They sound as vibrant today as they would have snaking out of the Tannoy speakers chained to the wall of Tubby’s Waterhouse studio. …”

YouTube: In Fine Style & King Tubby’s Dub & Bag A Wire Dub, Concentration Version 3, Glen Brown – Tel Aviv Drums, Ronnie Davis – Power Of Love b/w King Tubby’s In Fine Style, Please Officer & Jah Jah Dub & A Noisy Place, Dub Fever, jah jah dub, Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators – A Dancing Version


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