Alton Elllis – Cry Tough (1993)

alton ellis
Cry Tough is a 1993 collection of Alton Ellis recordings from the rocksteady era of 1966-1968. It was released in 1993 by Heartbeat Records, and features the pick of Ellis’ work for Arthur ‘Duke’ Reid, plus some tracks produced by Sonia Pottinger. The album contains most of Ellis’ original Mr. Soul of Jamaica album, and contains the same tracks as the 1973 Greatest Hits compilation on Count Shelly Records, plus eight additional tracks. Several of the tracks are alternate takes of some of his biggest hits from the era. The backing band is the Treasure Isle studio band of the time, Tommy McCook and the Supersonics.”

“Although Alton Ellis was never to receive the international recognition of such contemporaries as Desmond Dekker or Delroy Wilson, the singer was at least their equal. Launching his career as the duo of Alton & Eddie (Parkins) at the dawn of the ska age, Ellis’ career has continued unabated since, both as partner with other singers (including his equally talented sister Hortense Ellis) and as a solo artist. Although he recorded for a multitude of producers, some of his most glittering work during the rocksteady/early reggae eras was cut with Duke Reid, and it is from Reid’s Treasure Isle chest that this compilation is drawn. There were scores of classics to choose from, and Cry Tough contains many of the best, a sumptuous entrance to the singer’s world. …”

YouTube: Cry Tough Extended, All My Tears Come Rolling, Willow Tree, I Can’t Stop Now, Remember That Sunday, Chatty chatty, Ain’t That Loving You.

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