Prince Far I – Dub to Africa (1979)

“A dub side that was originally issued in a very limited pressing in 1979, DUB TO AFRICA is a very welcome reissue from the good folks at Pressure Sounds. Great new renditions of classic reggae rhythms are featured, with just the round and clean basic tracks of drum, bass, and rhythm guitar to feast on. The mixing is restrained to simple yet seamless channel dropouts, with no extraneous echo, and unlike other Prince Far I dub productions there is only the occasional percussion overdub. For this recording, Far I brought on board the phenomenally precise drummer Style Scott. The lovely fluidity of Far I’s music, as delivered by his long-time bass ace Flabba Holt, is here rendered with a machine-like precision on the acoustic drum kit. Through this drum and bass meeting, the foundation was laid for the Roots Radics, the definitive working reggae group of the early ’80s. The listener is also treated to Prince Far I’s vocal intros to the tracks, plus a pair of even more rare and profound bonus dub tracks.”

“The year of 1979 was perhaps the most busy and fruitful in the tragically curtailed career of the gruff but genial reggae deejay known as Prince Far I. After some fifteen years of dipping in and out of the music field and generally skirting its fringes, he had finally during the past couple of years consolidated a following and now had a total of five albums to his name, including two prestigious releases the previous year on Virgin Records’ Front Line label with ‘Message From The King’ and ‘Long Life’. As well of course as the ‘Under Heavy Manners’ set for Joe Gibbs, which had done brisk business and sealed his reputation. Now he was pursuing new goals with a sense of urgency and had set about investing his earnings in yet more recordings, able now to fulfil an ambition to concentrate on producing his own records and those of other artists too. …”
pressure sounds

YouTube: Bass ace
Dub To Africa, Good Music Brother, Hello, Love Brother, Cry Tuff & The Originals, Give Love, Big Fight Dub


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