Ernest Wilson – I Know Myself (1975)

“The former Clarendonian knows that inner peace can only be found by knowing one’s self, and lacking that insight, real love remains unattainable, but Fitzroy ‘Ernest’ Wilson knows himself, and wisely reasons with a woman to become equally self- aware so she could share the love he feels for her. ‘I Know Myself’ is a powerful number with a romantic message passionately delivered, but Wilson expands it further, reasoning that without inner peace, outer turmoil is inevitable, as the insecure and unknowing are forced to constantly prove themselves to others, which inexorably leads to violence. Know thyself is a concept dating back to the ancient Greek philosophers, but rarely has it been delivered with such resonance to a modern audience. Overseen by the HooKim brothers, and backed by an evocative rootsy accompaniment, 1975’s ‘Know’ was a masterpiece, and one of Wilson’s most extraordinary numbers.”

YouTube: Ernest Wilson – I Know Myself


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