Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free by 1983 (1975)

“The teenaged Hugh Mundell cut Africa Must Be Free by 1983 under the tutelage of the legendary producer Augustus Pablo in the mid-’70s, and had a Jamaican hit with the title track. Mundell’s artlessly fervent singing is attractive far out of proportion to his technical skill. It’s the sincerity and devotion in his voice that make successes of songs like ‘Let’s All Unite’ and ‘My Mind’ — that and the rock-solid instrumental backing of Pablo’s studio band, which at this time included bassist and trombonist Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace and guitarists Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and Jeffrey Chung. The CD issue of this album includes dub versions of six of the original album’s eight tracks, as well as several other miscellaneous dub tracks. Like too many of Jamaica’s best reggae musicians, Mundell died young — in an almost creepy irony (given the title of his hit song), he was shot and killed in 1983 at the age of 21.”
“Mundell was born in 1962 to a middle-class family; His father was a lawyer. He attended Ardenne High School before pursuing a career in music. Mundell was introduced to reggae by reggae performer and producer Boris Gardiner who was a friend of the family (but did not live next door to Hugh, contrary to popular rumor). With Gardiner’s assistance, Mundell recorded his first single ‘Where Is Natty Dread?’ with producer Joe Gibbs at the age of 13. In 1978, at the age of 16, he recorded the album Africa Must Be Free By 1983, produced by Augustus Pablo, with Mundell writing all the songs. It included two Black Ark-recorded titles: ‘Let’s All Unite’ and ‘Why Do Black Man Fuss & Fight’, both supervised and mixed by Lee Perry.”

YouTube: Africa Must Be Free, Why Do Black Man Fuss & Fight, My Mind

YouTube: Africa Must Be Free by 1983 Dub. 1 – unity dub 03:26 – 2 – africa dub 06:20 – 3 – my mind dub 10:15 – 4 – western kington style 13:53 – 5 – levi dub 17:32 – 6 – revolution dub 21:06 – 7 – judgement dub 23:40 – 8 – sufferer dub


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