Joe Gibbs

“Joe Gibbs born Joel A. Gibson (14 October 1942, Montego Bay — 21 February 2008) was a Jamaican reggae producer. The fast growth of the local music scene encouraged him to get more involved in the music business, and in 1967 he started to record some artists in the back of his shop with a two-track tape machine, working with Lee Perry who had just ended his association with Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd. In 1968, with the help of Bunny Lee, he launched his Amalgamated record label, and had his first success with one of the earliest rocksteady songs, Roy Shirley’s ‘Hold Them’.”

“His most consistent hit makers during this period were a vocal trio,the Pioneers and young Errol Dunkley. Throughout the rocksteady era Lyn Taitt and The Jets provided the backbone of the producer’s releases. With the demise of rocksteady, Joe Gibbs ably adapted the development of its successor, reggae. In 1970 he finally made his mark internationally with his production of Love of the common people by Nicky Thomas, which peaked at number 9 in the UK that summer. By this time he had introduced three further labels, Shock, Jogib and Pressure Beat, opened his New York Record Mart at 11 South Parade, Kingston and created his own two track studio at 17 Burns Avenue in the Duhaney Park region of the town.”
Reggae Vibes

Uptown Top Ranking: Joe Gibbs Reggae Productions 1970-78
“Best known in some ways for his important work as rocksteady producer, Joe Gibbs’ résumé also takes in the heady reggae years of the ’70s and even the early days of dancehall. All told, he will go down as one of the most important figures in the music’s history. Complementing his many rocksteady and early reggae compilations already on Trojan, Uptown Top Ranking takes in several of Gibbs popular and critical successes from 1970-1978.”

YouTube: Delroy Wilson – I’m the One Who Loves You, Reggae Boys – The Wicked Must Survive, PRINCE FAR I + ERROL THOMPSON – Same knife + Different dagger, The Mighty Diamonds & Ranking Joe – Just Like A River, Jacob Miller & Little U Brown – Backyard Movements, JOE GIBBS – Queen Majesty riddim Instrumental, Marcia Aitken & Trinity – My Man (Blouse And Skirt), Joe Gibbs – Angola Crisis, Culture – Black Starliner Must Come, Joe Gibbs & Proffesionals – Reincarnation


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