No Bones for the Dogs: Dubs From 1974-79

“This record colors in a vital gap in the catalog of the legendary reggae mastermind Joe Gibbs. Specifically, this is the first compilation to succinctly sum up the work of Gibbs with his legendary partner Errol Thompson. Together, Thompson and Gibbs moved the sound of their label from the gimmicky beeps and crashes of the African Dub series toward a harder, more streetwise sound. This is ghetto music, as hard and uncompromising as anything that’s erupted from the Bronx or Hell’s Kitchen. This is also an excellent second or third purchase for those just diving into dub. This stuff doesn’t have the murk of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s sets or the rolling religious thunder of King Tubby’s best work; this is music with little agenda beyond being the toughest it can be, all sharp edges and striding swagger. Like a lot of dub comps, some of the grooves will be familiar to the initiated, but most of this stuff is fairly rare and the selection and ordering here are impeccable.”

YouTube: I Stand Accused, Six Foot Six, Burning Version, Give it to Jah, The Road Is Rough, Informer Version


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