This Is…Augustus Pablo (1974)

This Is…Augustus Pablo is an album by Augustus Pablo originally released in 1974 and co-written and produced by Pablo’s childhood friend and critically acclaimed reggae producer Clive Chin. The album boasts an impressive list of session musicians including Ansel Collins on keyboards and Lloyd Parks and Aston Barrett both on bass guitar. The album was one of the first to showcase Pablo’s unique use of the melodica.”

YouTube: This Is…Augustus Pablo
“Dub Organizer” (Chin, Swaby) – 2:56 “Please Sunrise” (Adapted) – 2:38 “Point Blank” (Chin, Swaby) – 2:32 “Arabian Rock” (Chin, Swaby) – 3:53 “Pretty Baby” (Adapted) – 2:45 “Pablo In Dub ” (Swaby) – 2:30 “Skateland Rock” (Chin, Swaby) – 3:13 “Dread Eye” (Adapted) – 3:03 “Too Late” (Chin, Swaby) – 3:16 “Assignment No. 1” (Chin, Swaby) – 2:46 “Jah Rock” (Chin, Swaby) – 2:52 “Lover’s Mood” (Chin, Swaby) – 2:55


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